Decinema Reactive Agus Sakti 2018 Video Marketing PowerPoint Templates Launched

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( — August 24, 2018) — Agus Sakti has announced the launch of Decinema Reactive, a powerful video marketing tool that allows anyone to use pro looking video templates and create high converting sales videos with ease. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use even for those without editing experience.

More information can be found at:

The tool offers a collection of 64 professionally designed video templates, all created purely for the purpose of increasing sales. They are so well designed that they look like After Effects Videos, but they can be edited using PowerPoint, meaning anyone can quickly and easily create videos for their business.

A list of examples is provided on the URL above so business owners can see how they can use Decinema Reactive to their advantage. It allows them to take their video marketing editing campaigns more effectively in just a few clicks.

In today’s competitive marketing climate, it’s crucial to find a cutting edge to a marketing campaign to stand out from the crowd. With video, this becomes much easier, because videos are highly engaging and can instantly grab the attention of visitors.

Decinema Reactive allows business owners and marketing professionals to quickly and easily create videos that can improve their lead generation and sales. According to the latest research, video can increase sales by up to 80%, which means businesses not harnessing its power are missing out.

Videos can also be used with email marketing as a way to increase leads and get more visitors clicking through to the company website. Even just using the word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates.

What’s more, business videos can increase trust and build authority or credibility. This leads to customers wanting to come back more often and make repeat purchases.

Full details of how Decinema Reactive can help clients in any niche can be found on the URL above. Additional information is provided at: