Creative Expression Could Help Fight Anxiety

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( — September 3, 2018) Wilmington, DELAWARE — For many people, dealing with stress and anxiety could require the use of certain medications. However, there are more natural and side-effect-free techniques for dealing with the condition.

Creative expression could significantly help fight anxiety. Medications are widely used by individuals who suffer from occasional or chronic anxiety. However, it is important to remember that not all pharmaceutical drugs are helpful, and some of them could even cause side effects.

Art therapy could be an excellent way to deal with the condition as it helps calm the nervous system. It turns focus on the creative process and away from worrisome ruminations.

There are has been quite a number of experts who recommend the use of art therapy for a range of psychological issues, and this includes anxiety.

Doreen Meister, MA, MFT, a mindfulness-based, expressive art and depth psychotherapist in Oakland, Calif., reveals that the nervous system actually begins to regulate when attention is shifted. This allows one to have more access to the rest of their brains, empathy, emotions, thoughts, and compassion.

One of the techniques is to simply allow anxiety to express itself. This involves closely paying attention to the body and at the same time drawing intuitively. This exercise could be extremely useful to individuals who are feeling anxious.

This technique could be performed by simply noticing how anxiety feels in the body. Sufferers may then draw by allowing anxiety to express itself on the page. They can stop when the expression feels complete, or when there is already relief from anxiety.

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