The Factors That Affect Sex Drive and How to Boost Libido

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( — September 6, 2018) Orlando, FL — Researchers have been conducting studies to learn more about men’s sexual health and how it can be improved. While there are many males who struggle with their sex lives, it is a common problem that is not widely discussed.

According to Dr Anubha Singh, Gynecologist and IVF Specialist from Shantah IVF Centre, some factors contribute in the lack of libido, like low self-esteem, tiredness, weight gain, and even some psychological factors.

Loss of sex drive is quite a common problem that can affect people of any age. In women, it happens when they are in their perimenopausal age. This makes women experience vaginal dryness, mood swings, and even pain during sexual intercourse.

In men, researchers believe the loss of libido may be due to some physical issues. Reduced testosterone levels are even considered to be a normal part of ageing. When there is a drastic decline in testosterone it results in reduced libido.

It could also be caused by the use of certain medications. This includes pharmaceutical drugs used for high blood pressure, which can prevent ejaculation.

Dr Shweta Goswami, Gynecologist and IVF Specialist from Jaypee Hospital, Noida, said if medication is the cause, then it would need to be changed.

The treatment for low libido can depend on identifying the problem and treating its root cause. It may also be due to psychological issues, such as stress, depression, and other mental health problems.

Some ailments may also be the cause, such as diabetes or cancer. The good news is that there are simple but effective ways to boost libido. It is necessary for men to live a healthier lifestyle, and this means not smoking or drinking alcohol.

Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages actually have some undesirable effects inside the body that are linked with reduced libido. It is similarly important to get a decent sleep, as it is essential for human health and survival.

It is worth mentioning sleep has remarkable benefits inside the body, and it includes boosting libido.

Having a healthy diet is also highly recommended. There are many nutrients in food that could work wonders in fighting diseases and increasing sexual appetite. Healthy foods also improve the body’s protection against diseases.

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