Bryzos® Steel Marketplace Announces Its Launch for Steel Sellers

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( — August 30, 2018) — Saint Louis, Missouri — Bryzos®, the online steel marketplace designed by the industry for the industry, will launch exclusively for sellers on September 3rd. Bryzos is loaded with functionality and features designed for you by industry veterans. This includes anonymous real-time quoting and selling and product matching. Bryzos utilizes a unique algorithm that matches buyers and sellers to ensure they will only see relevant inquiries. The seller listings are also free; they will only pay a credit card processing fee after a verified sale.

The Bryzos® team has decided on a two-part launch to maximize the user experience. The first launch will be on September 3rd for the sellers and will continue through September 30th. This will allow the marketplace to get an influx of steel products ready for sale. This will in turn create a strong steel supply for the buyers on the second phase of the launch October 1st.

Bryzos® is the online marketplace for steel goods and accessories. That could be steel pipe, tube, coil, plate, forgings, fittings and flanges. Bryzos® was founded and developed by steel industry veterans. Bryzos® is the culmination of years of sales and operational experience transposed to an online environment. Prior to founding Bryzos®, Shep Hickey worked at American Piping Products (APP). While at APP, Shep had the opportunity to cycle through multiple departments: quality control, purchasing (foreign and domestic), project management, project sales, inventory management, expediting and ultimately COO. Shep had a positive experience at APP but also realized there was an opportunity to create an online marketplace. Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce is gaining real traction in other complicated industries. Shep believes that the steel industry is at an inflection point and B2B steel sales will increasingly be transacted online.

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