Eco Friendly Yard Organic Mulch Irrigation Save Water Report Launched

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( — September 5, 2018) — Aquaponic Gardening has launched a new report focusing on 7 long-term lawn changes that can conserve water. It explains that water waste is more than a drain on homeowners’ wallets, and that creating a lawn and garden solution to conserve water is a great way of making a property more eco friendly.

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The report explains that one of the key things homeowners can do is to choose plants and grass that are drought tolerant. This is one of the most effective ways to make sure a yard isn’t using too much water.

In addition to this, homeowners are encouraged to use organic mulch, which can help to keep the ground moist. It’s important to look for organic mulch to avoid the toxins of dyes and chemicals, which can be found in some of the cheaper variants.

Some of the more natural options for mulch, like wood and bark, also have the added benefit of being able to keep soil healthier over a longer period of time.

Upgrading the irrigation system can be highly beneficial, because the latest technology gives homeowners great options for conserving water in their yard. This means that if homeowners haven’t upgraded their system for a while, it can be worth taking a look at this as an option.

Other solutions include using rain barrels and gauges, avoiding over watering, keeping grass longer, and preventing wasteful leaks.

Rain barrels can collect rain as a free source of water, making it easier to make informed decisions about how much water the grass needs. Creating a smart schedule for watering can provide a long-term solution to preventing wasteful water use.

The report emphasizes that cutting grass too short can cause stress to the grass, leading to more water waste. In addition to this, even the smallest of leaks can cause huge water wastage.

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