Things That You Should Be Aware of About Runescape Power-Leveling

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( — September 6, 2018) — There are many different skills which you will need to level up in order to successfully complete the quests and challenges in the RuneScape 3 game. Some of the most important skills are fishing, agility, mining, cooking, wood cutting, hunting, fletching, fire making, smithing, construction, thieving, prayer, strength, defence, runecrafting, and magic.

Unlike the quests and missions of the game, the leveling of skills take a lot of time. You might have to spend a few 100 hours in order to reach the maximum level of 99 for each of those skills mentioned above.

Many players get bored during this phase, because the tasks become quite monotonous. However, you will still need to level up the skills, in order to complete the quests, and move further in the game.

Therefore, many players consider going for the option of power-leveling. It is basically the process, where the skill levels are upgraded in the least possible time. Generally while you are doing the leveling-up manually, you will have to use the resources that are available with you. The thing about power-leveling is that you will not be using your existing resources for getting the job done.

For example, if you are spending your time and efforts on leveling up your mining skills, then you might have to neglect the earning part of it. In order to earn from your mining skills, you will have to take your ores to the market or the bank, and sell them off, but that task takes more of your time. Therefore, you will be basically losing out on your earning opportunities.

As you can see, when you are focusing mainly on improving your skill experience levels, you might have to overlook the earning opportunities. You will have to simply forgo all your ores, because selling and banking them takes more time.

So basically you are not making any monetary gains, but improved skill levels can help you in completing the quests, and making much more monetary gains in the future. In fact, some of the quests will be open to you for play, only if you reach a certain skill level.

How to do power-leveling safely?

With that being said, there are many different ways in which power-leveling is done. One of the popular types is called as Macroing, where the software from the third parties are being used for of automating the repetitive tasks, needed for increasing the skill levels.

These Macroing Software do simple tasks of clicking the mouse by moving the cursor to a predefined position. They can also be used for performing advanced tasks like killing the dragons as well. This power-leveling software applications are known by different names like botter, autoer, macroer, etc.

The problem with using such power-leveling software applications is that they are considered as cheating in the game, because other players will be using their time and efforts to do the same job. If you get caught using such software for power-leveling, then you could face a temporary ban. You might attract even a permanent ban, if you are a repeat offender.

After the ban, the game Jagex also has the power to reset the skills of the players, from where they started. What it means that you will have to start from the scratch all over again. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the players to refrain from using the bots for the job of power-leveling.

Safer option

If you feel the tasks of leveling the skills to be too tedious, then you can give the job to the third-parties, who do the power-leveling task manually. Some of the companies which sell RuneScape gold for cheap prices also do the power-leveling jobs as well. They will have a separate office set up with real people to do power-leveling.

All you will need to do is as choose which skill you want to improve, and up to which level. You will be informed about the number of hours that it would take for them to do the power-leveling to your desired skill level, after making the payment.