Meditation for Mind Body and Spirit Infinite Energy Wellness Course Launched

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( — September 13, 2018) — A new course has been launched by Healing Genius, offering participants the chance to learn how they can heal and energize their mind, body and spirit. Through learning how to access Infinite Energy, participants can heal their body, mind and soul with higher vibration.

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The site explains that Infinite Energy is available to people at all times, they just need to know how to connect to it. This is where the new course can help with its expert guidance on key subject areas.

Participants can learn how to revitalize their energy, improve their health, and feel more joy and vibrancy in their everyday life. In addition to this, they can use the lessons they learn to improve their self confidence and develop inner certainty.

These lessons can be applied to all aspects of their life, so they can improve their intuition, build confidence, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Self Healing Mastery works in a three step process, beginning with understanding the universal energy field. This means increasing the body’s frequency and vibration, and aligning the mind and body to access the infinite power of the universe.

The second step involves learning from an elite spiritual healer, like what’s on offer with Self Healing Mastery. This allows people to gain powerful and applicable methods from international recognized healer, Ed Strachar.

From there, the course participant is able to upgrade all areas of their life. They know the key areas to transform their life beyond boundaries, which opens up their vision and helps them to hone in on and achieve their dreams.

Ed has delivered his talks in over 20 countries around the world, and has worked as an executive coach with professionals, Olympic athletes, and business executives. He has healed many across the planet of a whole host of ailments, using his depth of knowledge of spiritual wisdom. What makes his service unique is nearly all of his clients work with Ed remotely, over the telephone or computer.

“When one is unlocking the body’s natural ability to heal, I don’t need to be in the same room as the person. We are accessing Universal Energy fields where distance is not relevant,” said Strachar.

Full details on the Self Healing Mastery course can be found on the URL above.