Business Opportunities for the Parcel Delivery Service Development

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( — September 10, 2018) — You have created your e-commerce; uploaded the products and chosen the types of payment accepted, but there is still one thing missing: set up the shipping methods. To do this, first decide how to manage product shipments, choosing one or more express couriers and delivering parcels and defining the type of packaging to be used. Let’s see together how to move in the world of shipments.

We know how important it is for an e-commerce to optimize and minimize logistics and shipping costs, especially for small businesses. The use of the cheapest parcel delivery to USA comes important here.

Relying on the wrong partner, however, could make your customers dissatisfied with the service, with the risk of complaints, negative reviews and reduction in the number of orders.

How much do the shipments cost?

Shipments are a significant expense item for anyone who owns an online store: underestimating long-term costs will result in a loss.

This is for those who deal with the sale of goods at a distance. Those who sell services or software can breathe a sigh of relief.

Before finalizing the prices and the strategy for your business, it is useful to create a table that identifies all the expenses related to the delivery of your product. Those who are beginners often do not take into account all the variables that make up the total shipping cost, which can be huge. Do not take this risk!

We can thus simplify the sum of the various items that lead to define the price for the final customer of an e-commerce:

What to do to prepare shipments in your e-commerce

In this article we will talk about packaging and packaging, how to choose the shipper and how to calculate the flat rate for shipments. However, we start with some general considerations related to shipments. Various options for the same are there.

Choose whether to ship only in Italy or abroad

Usually we tend to divide the world into macro areas. The shipping areas and the cost of the service vary depending on the carrier. For the International parcel delivery this is very significant.

It will then be up to the e-commerce manager to set the limits of their shipments, which can be implemented and configured later, if you want to open a market later.

Contact the main couriers and request quotes

Visit the websites of the couriers to get an idea, then contact them for a quote (you must already have an estimate of the number of shipments that are assumed will be made and the type of packages that will be shipped). Each courier reserves for companies of flat solutions based on the number of deliveries or carnets of shipments. While previously the customer was able to choose the courier to rely on during the purchase, today we prefer to previously establish the courier. It will then be up to the site manager to rely on the forwarder with whom he has stipulated the agreements.

Test the various shipping methods

The experience, as we know, is acquired over time. Testing allows you to go beyond the mere online price lists, understanding from time to time what are the pros and cons of each shipper.