Keeping the Bladder Healthy Is Both Easy and Beneficial

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( — September 24, 2018) Orlando, FL — September 24, 2018) Orlando, FL -– There are various threats that make the bladder susceptible to undesirable health consequences. The good news is that there are many ways to take better care of the bladder.

Keeping the bladder healthy can be both easy and beneficial. It is worth learning that the bladder is the hollow organ in the body that takes care of holding urine away from the kidneys. It is one of the parts of the body that many people don’t think about taking care of until it stops working properly. 

It is imperative to take care of the bladder as it can lead to painful urination or even urine leakage. It can also be susceptible to infections, which are often treated with pharmaceutical drugs. 

According to Gopal Badlani, MD, of the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. and a specialist in bladder issues, women are particularly prone to urinary tract infections. 

UTIs also involve the importance of urinating completely. When the body stops urinating too soon, the muscles are tightened. This hinders the urine’s escape and triggers it to go back to the bladder. This can also bring bacteria inside the system.

It may also be beneficial to avoid smoking. It is worth mentioning that every year, over 50,000 individuals are diagnosed with having bladder cancer. The use of tobacco is actually a major factor. 

It is similarly important to consume plenty of water, which means drinking six to eight glasses every day. This significantly helps flush out bacteria from the urinary tract, which then leads to bladder infection prevention. 

Preventing and even treating infection can actually involve the use of a natural remedy called D-Mannose. This sugar can be found in cranberry and is widely studied nowadays due to its UTI-fighting effects. 

D-Mannose has been discovered to work as well as antibiotics, which are pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for UTIs. While antibiotics are helpful, they can cause side effects. 

This type of medication can kill not only the UTI-causing, E. coli bacteria, but also the good bacteria. What makes it even more disadvantageous is that they can lead to antibiotic resistance. 

D-Mannose works by sticking to the bacteria, and flushing them from the system. It can be obtained through the use of Divine Bounty D-Mannose, which is a formula that is crafted carefully to deliver the UTI-fighting effects of D-Mannose. 

This formula is highly potent and pure, and is even protected with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. It is also made in an FDA-approved facility.


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