ENM Hires Transpacific Realty as Property Manager

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(Newswire.net — September 18, 2018) Langley, BC —

ENM Construction Management has taken a bold step towards realizing its vision for its new 191-unit, purpose-built rental project, Willoughby Walk.

After a good deal of research and conversations with other owners of purpose-built rentals, ENM has decided to contract with Transpacific Realty to provide property management services.

Our co-founder Daniel Greenhalgh said the decision wasn’t difficult in the end. “When we were considering property management companies, I didn’t look at dollars or individual quotes first. I met multiple business owners and I went into business with the person who came across to me as the person of the highest integrity. Transpacific’s owner Rod Fram and our property manager Marj Buzikievich really impressed me with how straightforward and honest they were. From there, it was a pretty easy process to build a relationship.”

Rod Fram felt a shared sense of purpose between his company and ENM. “Like ENM, we’re a values-driven company. We’ve deliberately built a culture that is authentic, caring, and accountable. It didn’t take us long to realize that we shared a common philosophy regarding the importance of quality and integrity. We have both built companies where the end goal is to create something of value.”

Daniel and Rod both want to give the tenants of Willoughby Walk a sense of agency in creating the kind of community they want to live in. “Offering a high level of service is really important to us,” says Rod. “That’s why we’ve invested in everything from an online Tenant Services System that makes it easy for tenants to communicate with us from any device, to ongoing training for our staff in tenancy law, communication, organizational culture, and conflict resolution. As property managers, establishing responsive, professional relationships with our tenants isn’t just good business, it’s who we are.”

Tenants can also feel a sense of security in knowing that all residents of the property have undergone an in-depth screening process. “I think that process was important to ENM in terms of building a safe, stable, family-friendly community. Thorough tenant screening doesn’t eliminate all of your problems, but it prevents many of the most common ones.”

In constructing Willoughby Walk, Daniel has included thoughtful, tenant-focused amenities like in-suite laundry, a business room, rooftop barbecue and lounge space, plus a children’s play area. These kinds of touches make the purpose-built rental building feel like a long-term, comfortable home for tenants.

“In our experience, when tenants are treated with respect, rents are reasonable, and the building is well-maintained, it becomes a community where people want to live and raise their families,” says Rod. “That’s why we’re excited to be involved with Willoughby Walk, where the groundwork has been laid for a very livable community. The construction standard is very high, it’s in a location that’s close to transit and schools, and the team at ENM has been thoughtful about providing amenities for their tenants.”

Rod agrees that Willoughby Walk can help set a standard for purpose-built rentals buildings in the Lower Mainland. “There’s a huge need for thoughtfully planned, well-built, and well-maintained rental housing in Greater Vancouver, and we’re proud to be part of that equation.”

(Newswire.net — September 18, 2018) Langley, BC —

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