Study Now Shows Snacking Aids Reduce Diabetes Symptoms

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( — October 2, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more researchers are investigating on the potential ways to help people with diabetes. Managing the condition is crucial, as it could otherwise lead to serious health consequences.

According to researchers, type 2 diabetes have symptoms that range from blurred vision to peeing more often than usual.

It is a condition where the body is unable to control its amount of blood sugar. In addition to regular exercise, snacking can also aid in managing the condition.

Dr. Josh Axe, nutritionist, have said that using appropriate amounts of unrefined sugar sparingly can contribute to poor blood sugar management more than refined sugars.

An example of natural or unrefined sugars is raw honey, and refined sugars is white sugar or refined products.

Natural sweeteners are highly recommended, such as organic stevia, raw honey, dates, and blackstrap molasses.

Experts warn that diabetes can produce serious long-term health issues when not treated.

The longer one has diabetes, the higher the risk of complications. This is particularly true if there is less control in blood sugar. To reiterate, exercise is also recommended.

The American Diabetes Association suggests aerobic exercise and strength training to manage diabetes.

There are also natural remedies believed to be helpful for individuals with the condition. One is L-Carnitine, which has long been known to be a weight loss supplement.

According to researchers, supplementation of this amino acid helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and even fighting insulin resistance.

It is worth remembering that the hormone insulin is responsible for the transportation of sugar from the bloodstream to the cells, which is where it is used as fuel. Excessive levels of insulin can result in insulin resistance, which then leads to high blood sugar.

A study was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

In this research, it was found that that infusing the diabetic subjects with L-Carnitine enhanced insulin sensitivity. Scientists also found that it increased sugar uptake from the bloodstream.

In 2010, a study was performed at Sapienza University’s Department of Clinical Medicine in Rome. The investigators found that combination of L-Carnitine and caloric restriction aided in reducing insulin resistance.

What made it even more beneficial is that it increased sensitivity. There are many other health benefits linked with the use of L-Carnitine. This is why the use of supplements like Divine Bounty L-Carnitine is gaining more and more attention.

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