Rewards Platform Aims to Revamp and Aggregate Loyalty Programs

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( — September 27, 2018) — The RainCheck Platform, designed to make it easier for people to manage and aggregate rewards points across multiple loyalty rewards programs, is aiming to how consumers utilize rewards they receive. When fully developed, it will provide a decentralized platform for token holders to combine multiple reward points from numerous schemes into one digital unit – the RAIN Token.

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RainCheck was created by Cameron Wall and William Lin, who have over 45 combined years’ experience in software engineering and design. It was designed as a global loyalty and rewards points exchange aggregator based on the Stellar Blockchain.

Formed in 2014 to enable online-to-online (O2O) commerce, RainCheck was created to influence and measure the high level of online product discovery/research and to connect those findings with the corresponding sales transaction in the store itself.

One of the key benefits of the RainCheck platform is that the team offers card linking, where people can add a number of offers and loyalty points to any debit card payment. This ultimately replaces the need for carrying numerous loyalty cards around.

The team states that RainCheck plans to provide consumers with the option to combine their reward points, saving time, money and effort.

Another benefit to the platform is its tracking ability. Research shows that, while many people research products online, they are more likely to complete the purchase offline.

The RainCheck team says, “Using RainCheck, retail brands will now be able to measure the online-to-offline conversion of sales and can make targeted online offers that can be tracked to actual subsequent in-store activity and transactions.”

This that RainCheck offers the user a solution and a personalized shopping experience. However, on top of this, it also provided the retail brands with a way to measure marketing and spend, and go on to secure a higher percentage of lost sales.

Full details of the platform and more information on how it’s set to revolutionize the loyalty scheme market can be found on the URL above.