The 5 Most Common Causes of Ketones in Urine

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( — September 28, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Diabetics are very prone to developing ketoacidosis but ketones are also produced in healthy people who are diabetic so excessive ketone production is still a possibility if one isn’t wary. Missing a meal here and there or increasing the intensity of your workout plan are some of the most common ways ketone levels spike and if not kept in line, they can start leaching into your urine. has neatly outlined ketones can make their way into the urinary system so it’s imperative that we safeguard against the following:

1.     Extreme ketosis through dieting. Ketogenic diets are good for non-diabetics but even so anything in excess is dangerous. Burning fat for fuel instead of consuming carbs for sugar powered energy are the crocks of ketosis but they are only healthy when in moderation.

2.     Low/insufficient insulin production is the issue facing diabetics so as ketone levels are easily tipped off balance, urine is just one of the many things affected.

3.     There’s a state known as alcoholic ketoacidosis which is exactly what it sounds like, unhealthy consumption of alcohol to the point where ketones accumulate in the blood and eventually get into your urine. 

4.     You’ll be happy to hear that you need to pace yourself when it comes to exercising because going at it too hard can have serious ill-effects. Ketones are produced during high intensity workouts and filtered out via urine but you don’t want to stress your system.

5.     Pregnancy is a time when all sorts of hormonal changes occur and insulin levels are influenced as well so a well-balanced diet is critical to circumventing excessive ketone production. It’s typical for some amount of ketones to be expelled but too much can spell trouble.

With all that in mind, it’s pretty clear that frequent ketone level testing is required to monitor how well the body is coping at all times. The U.S. made HealthyWiser™ KetoFast Ketone Strips are the best way to continuously test urine content for excess ketones.

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