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( — October 8, 2018) –Most people only call an electrician when there’s a fault. But for homes and businesses, calling an electrician before there’s a fault could save them from the risk of fires.

Staying Safe and Limiting Liability with Electrical Inspections

Gold Coast, October 2018: “As consumers, we are inclined to forget that electricity can be dangerous and that we are legally liable for any injury or damages associated with negligence related to the ways we work with electricity”. So says EJ Barnes, owner and manager of EJ Electrical Works, and electrical contracting company based on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Fire is among the greatest hazards springing from poorly maintained or incorrectly installed electrical systems and appliances. Approximately 40 percent of home fires are attributed to electrical faults.

“Be alert,” says Barnes. “If you are experiencing electrical overloads, or if appliances are faulty, you are at risk of fire. However, faulty and worn wiring that has become brittle is more insidious. It can cause electrical arcs, and these are often the cause of fires.”

Although circuit breakers protect electricity users from fires, they also do not have an unlimited lifespan. Everything can look safe to the untrained eye and yet be anything but safe. As a result, Barnes recommends periodic electrical inspections as means of ensuring that all electrical systems are in good working order.

“We check for electrical hazards,” he says, “and that includes everything from looking for outdated components and wiring to testing your safety switches, power points, and lighting. You’ll be surprised at the hazards we uncover. I’ve seen some scary DIY wiring out there.”

Smoke Alarms Should Also Be Inspected

“Some house fires have been attributed to faulty smoke alarms, so they should be inspected too. Smoke alarms don’t always prevent house fires, but they do help to alert people to problems. So, we give them a go-over too,” says Barnes. “It’s a big responsibility. We don’t want to see fires, but if there’s a kitchen accident or some other trigger, we want to know that people won’t get caught napping.”

Barnes reassures us that although electrical inspections may be necessary more frequently than most people think, they certainly won’t be needed so often that they will break budgets.

“Before you buy any property, you should have a full electrical inspection,” he says. “If we find faults, you can negotiate a lower price to cover repairs. Since we’re fully licensed and insured, people selling a home can also call us for an inspection and a full report.”

“In older buildings, it’s a good idea to have everything checked out. Maybe a building has been in a family for decades or even generations. You just don’t know how safe that wiring is. If you haven’t had an electrical inspection for a decade or more, it’s a good idea to get one as soon as possible.”

“Sometimes, your electrical system will tell you when an inspection is overdue. If your safety switches are often triggered, that’s a big red light. And although it might seem obvious, please don’t risk turning on the electricity after a flood until an electrician has checked the system.”

Like many qualified artisans who pride themselves in their know-how, EJ Electrical Works’ personnel are worried by the amount of DIY work they find when on the job. “It takes years to become a qualified electrician because there’s a lot you need to know. But people seem to think they can just do a few quick fixes themselves. It’s frankly dangerous.”

“If you need brain surgery, you’re not going to call a mechanic. If you get electrical work done, get a licensed electrician! Be sure you get a certificate of compliance. Only a licensed electrician can give you a valid one, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for proof of licensing.”

If one would’d like to talk to EJ Electrical Works about electrical inspections or have any questions related to the safety of their electrical system, Barnes recommends they get in touch with him. His electrical contracting business has been serving the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers NSW since 2012, and EJ’s experience dates back to his teens. “Local Electrician on the Gold Coast,” he says, “I’m here to help.”

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