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( — October 6, 2018) — Why pay too much for your electricity. We spoke to leading Gold Coast Electrical Expert, EJ Barnes proprietor of EJ Electrical Works and got his best tips to save money.

Gold Coast Electrical Audit Improves Sustainability Outcomes

Gold Coast, September 2018: With climate change being blamed for multiple natural disasters around the world, reducing carbon footprint and working sustainably is high on the agenda. Recently we have seen sustainability advocates blaming cyclones and bush fires on climate change. But while politicians fight it out, ordinary people can still look at ways they can make a difference. It could even be profitable.

The UN identifies three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and profit, and EJ Barnes, owner and manager of EJ Electrical works identifies electrical audits as a simple step that could benefit both the planet and profitability.

Electricity is something everyone consumes, and clean energy is still in short supply, but according to Barnes, most households and businesses overlook the fact that emissions and costs could be substantially reduced thanks to electrical audits.

“Just about anyone can save money and use less energy after an electrical audit,” says Barnes, “Businesses and industrial clients stand to save the most given that they also use more energy than most homes do. But if you take it on a cost versus income basis, even homeowners can get a great return on a small investment following an electrical audit.”

Apart from direct cost-savings, Barnes believes that energy efficiency provides businesses with a marketing opportunity that could boost income: “In the business context, it’s worth remembering that people are interested in environment-friendliness. So, if you can say that your business is energy-efficient, that’s a good selling point that will resonate with many of your clients. That means you could make more money and save money at the same time.”

The Electrical Audit Process

“The electrical audit process follows a set procedure.” Barnes explains: “When we conduct an energy audit, we’re looking for anything that could be using more energy than it should. That reflects in energy costs. So, we start with your electricity bills for the last year or so. Then we take a look to see where all that power is going.”

“Quite often we find that outdated appliances and lighting are to blame for excessive costs, but it could also be things like building insulation, or we might find that you could cover the cost of a rewiring job in a year or two just through your electricity savings.”

“There are also little things that can save big bucks and make a small contribution to sustainability. So, for example, if you’re leaving outdoor lights on all night, maybe you should consider getting a motion sensor so that the light only comes on when there’s somebody in the area.”

“Once we’ve checked everything that could be wasting electricity, we report back. We show our clients where the energy wasters are and can even give you estimates indicating how much electricity you’d save if you made a few changes.”

“If it’s a big concern, like a factory, there might be a lot of changes worth making, but it’s too much for the business to do all at once. In that case, we help with prioritising and phasing changes so that they get the biggest ROI as fast as possible.”

Forming Energy Saving Habits Can Make a Difference

Although a full electrical audit is the high-road, Barnes also offers a little advice that can be applied as a matter of course. “Let’s say you always leave your computer on standby. It’s still using electricity. Research tells us that about 20 percent of the power devices use is consumed in standby mode, and those devices are probably using 20 percent of your total household or office’s energy. That’s something anyone can fix just by changing their habits.”

EJ genuinely believes that most homes and businesses could be saving on electricity in ways they never thought of before. “I love nature, and although I’m not a crazy tree-hugger, I’m also convinced we should do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint,” he says.

“Whether you’re passionate about caring for the environment, or just hope to save a few dollars, I think it’s worth having an energy audit done. Choose a certified Gold Coast electrician for the job. And in case you were worried, all audits are conducted according to a standardized procedure that we’re trained to follow in detail. There’s nothing subjective about them.”

“From a purely pragmatic perspective, I definitely think that homes and businesses should have an energy audit, and in most cases, it more than pays for itself.”

Note: You can reach EJ Electrical Works Website or call 1300 DIAL EJ, that’s 1300 342 535. EJ Electrical Works serves the Gold Coast, QLD and Northern Rivers, NSW region.

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