Liberty Consultants and KW Cares Continue to Cooperate and Give Back

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( — September 28, 2018) — St. Louis, Missouri – Liberty Consultants continues to give back by helping fund KW cares, a local St. Louis charity. KW Cares offers disaster and emergency funding to the families of its associates. This non-profit group is the result of St. Louis-based real estate company named Keller Williams. The charity is now supported by associates all across North America. The charity has 503 status, which allows them to accept donations on behalf of those who need assistance. The primary cause of need is generated from natural disasters such as storms, wildfires, and droughts.

Three different causes end up with the funds supplied by KW Cares. The first is Homes For Our Troops. This charity donates homes to veterans who served in the military after September 11. The next charity is Ryan’s Well, which helps provide clean water to communities in countries that don’t have access to it. The final charity on the list is the MD Anderson Cancer Center. This group is comprised of many programs that seek to find a cure to cancer.

The IRS only grants the 503 charity status and related tax leniency when the charity is trustworthy and making a substantial, positive difference. This also means that donations to KW cares are tax-deductible or tax-exempt, which is all the more reason for people to support the cause.

KW Cares has been so successful in creating positive change that they struggle to run their own business. Donations were so high that they had to lean on Liberty Consultants to help. Both St.Louis real estate companies seek to help the world. The two companies work together to increase their access to donors. To learn more about KW Cares, look for the link on Liberty’s Facebook page.

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