New Year’s Eve Parties and VIP Clubs in London

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( — September 28, 2018) — New Year’s Eve is one of the most awaited and celebrated dates in the world. Apart from being an opportunity to make a new start or make a change in life, people often take it as a very special night, to be shared in the company of loved ones, whether family or friends. In some cities around the world New Year’s Eve becomes a large scale celebration, full of fireworks and especially funny and amazing parties. Such is the case of London, where every year millions of people, Londoners and visitors, decide to bet on the different alternatives offered by this metropolis.

Options to celebrate in London

London is among the European capitals with the largest number of parties celebrating the arrival of the New Year. However, this goes beyond fireworks and television broadcasts.

There’s a exclusive variety of nightclubs in London that put special interest in the organization of the celebration of New Year’s Eve. There are many who opt for theme parties, while others opt for the traditional way, but in both cases, the common denominator is to make the most of this night.

There are exclusive places that have greater popularity, so New Years Eve Tickets London may be more difficult to get compared to others. The most prominent VIP clubs are:

Club 14 situated in Leicester Square

The club opens its doors to the public around nine o’clock in the evening. It offers different options in terms of drinks to brighten up the excellent musical selection. Just before midnight, on its stage they project the live broadcast of Big Ben, to give an account of the New Year ending with a pyrotechnics show.

Paper London

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve surrounded by luxury and style, Paper London is the ideal place. It is located in the heart of Soho. It has become one of the places most frequently visited by stars and celebrities all year round, especially on such an important date. Guests should look as elegant as possible, it’s like an Academy Awards Red Carpet.

Café de Paris

It is one of the most exclusive clubs around the city. It is frequently visited by rich and famous people. For the New Year’s Eve party they set large quantities of champagne to celebrate in style. Ticket prices tend to be expensive compared to other places, but it is certainly worth it.

100 Wardour St

They are famous for their themed celebrations to host the New Year’s Eve party. In addition, they are characterized by the presentation of live talent throughout the night, as well as a high quality of service. In other words, all the ingredients are arranged beforehand so that the result is a night of celebration without equal.

Madison London

It is one of the most expensive in London, is located on the roof of the One New Change in St Paul’s. It undoubtedly offers an extremely beautiful view of the city, to enjoy a night charged with an excellent musical atmosphere and exclusive attendees. Guests receive a small bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year.

VIP Alternatives for New Year’s Eve

For those interested in enjoying a more luxurious night with a first class service, New Years London Club Vip Tables is undoubtedly the right choice. Among other things, it allows you to choose between different sites characterized by privacy and good service.


Located in the heart of Mayfair, is the favorite place for young Londoners when they want to have fun. Its decoration and exclusivity make it an extremely luxurious alternative to receive the New Year in style. You have the option of choosing between standard and VIP tables with seats for three and ten guests, depending on the budget you want to invest.


It has one of the best offers at musical level, in night places, so among its programs it is possible to find world-class DJ’s every weekend. For New Year’s Eve they strive to offer an unforgettable night to their guests, they have regular tables or VIP type for up to ten people.

The Cuckoo Club

It opened its doors in 2005 and since then is among the favorites to enjoy the night in London. On New Year’s Eve they work to provide an unparalleled experience to their guests, through their comfortable facilities loaded with luxury and privacy. They have three different floors, distributed according to the demands and needs of customers, from general to super VIP.


Inspired by Amsterdam’s Red Light District, Scandal is the ideal choice for those who want to raise the level of celebration and make the most of New Year’s Eve in London. They have properly trained staff to offer the best care and above all ensure customer satisfaction. It offers just 25 VIP tables surrounded by an exclusive bar, so those wishing to attend this event should make the necessary arrangements in advance.


It gives the feeling of enjoying a Mexican party, as the decoration of Tonteria is inspired by this culture. For example, they have made use of different symbols and elements of this country, such as human skulls. During the New Year celebration, waitresses pass by each VIP table with tequila rounds so that their guests can warm up more quickly.

The name is based in the mexican culture too, so everything in this place is gonna make you feel like you are in a pub of that country. ¡Enjoy this latino place and let us know how you felt being there!


If you’re looking for a Caribbean and tropical celebration, Mahiki is certainly a great alternative. Some of the furniture is made from bamboo, while the décor allows guests to feel at the beach, enjoy their drinks in coconut shells or even in a treasure chest. It has become such a popular place since they opened their tables in October 2006.

Regardless of where or what type of party you have in mind, it is important to make reservations early, as in most cases tickets are usually sold out rather quickly.