No Shock Dog Barking Collar Vibration Training Automatic Product Launched

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( — October 2, 2018) — The Pet Hall a brand exclusively on specializing in pet products and accessories, launched the No Shock Bark Collar, a bark training collar based on subtle sounds and vibrations to discourage excessive barking. The collar is a humane alternative to other models which use electric shocks as deterrents, as both its sounds and vibrations are completely painless. It is also fully hands free and automatic, not requiring a remote of any kind.

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Teaching correct barking behavior is an essential part of a dog’s training, since it prevents unnecessary barking and contributes to better socialization. Using a high-quality dog training collar can be a great aid in the training process, as it encourages optimal barking behavior without causing any pain.

The new bark training collar from The Pet Hall is designed to maximize training efficiency by incorporating an automated bark recognition technology. The microprocessor only identifies the dog’s barking, ignoring any other environmental sounds, including the barking of other dogs.

For increased versatility, dog owners have the ability to manually adjust a sensitivity setting directly on the device with 6 sensitivity settings for stubborn and sensitive dogs.

The universal size of the collar and the durability of its materials make it easy to use with all dog breeds in all weather conditions. Every collar also comes with stylish, interchangeable pink and blue faceplates that can be swapped out for him and her.

All purchases are covered by a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back satisfaction guarantee and the product has already been used by dog owners throughout the world.

Every customer who purchases the new bark training collar also receives a free book as a gift inside the box, “Clicker and Bark Collar Training for Dogs” and a pet training clicker.

A satisfied customer said, “My dog barks at everything. She barks enough to put herself in a frenzy and settling her down is a chore. This collar has calmed her down beautifully. I use the clicker that came in the package to stop her growling and it works. It is amazing for me to see her so calm while guys are across the street working. Don’t hesitate purchasing this collar. It’s completely harmless to our dogs, and it works, and it works right away.”

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