Brisbane Dance Wear Latin Dresses Dance Shoes Gift Ideas Collection Launched

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( — October 4, 2018) — 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op, a Queensland dance and community club, launched an updated range of clothing, dance shoes, gifts and other products for dancers and dance enthusiasts. All products are made from high-quality materials and are competitively priced, making them ideal for anyone looking for a one-stop-shop for all dance wear and accessories.

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The new collection includes a variety of dance stockings, dresses, petticoats and T-shirts, ideal both for everyday dance practice and as gift ideas for dancers.

The stockings are available in three models – fishnet, shimmer and stirrup. The professional-footed stockings are made of quality materials including nylon, spandex and microfibers, allowing optimal levels of movement while also ensuring increased durability. The fishnet model comes with hand-sewn flat seams for improved comfort, while the stirrup model features soft edges offering both support and comfort.

Customers interested in high-quality Latin dance dresses will find models available in three colors and three sizes, making them suitable for dancers of all body types. The black, red or burgundy latin dresses come with built-in pants and feature a high-air-flow design allowing the skin to breathe and maximizing comfort.

The shop also provides custom-printed mugs and puzzle sets as part of its gift collection. The mugs can be printed with any text and names, and the puzzle set comes with popular puzzles and activities such as Colyrics, Code Breakers, Sudoku and many other dance focused gifts. The dance Co-op caters for individuals, dance studios and general dance gifts.

The recent announcement is part of the Dance Co-op efforts to provide a wide range of services and resources for dance enthusiasts regardless of access.

A 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op spokesperson said: “Whether you’re seeking social dancing in a friendly atmosphere or simply enjoy ordered events like social sequenced dances, there is a sector or club within the Co-op that will allow you to flourish regardless of ability and experience level. The dance Co-op also provides plenty of inclusive opportunities for exercise that makes you smile.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.