The Importance and Ideal Length of Real Estate Contracts Discussed on Radio Show

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( — October 4, 2018) — A document that examines the importance and ideal length of real estate contracts was released this week. This report will benefit real estate buyers and sellers, who often believe that contract length cannot be altered. The report comes from an interpretation of the comments discussed on the Barry and Larry Radio show on Sept 29, 2018 and commentary from the author.

The report may be found here: along with a link to the full one hour broadcast of the show.

A real estate contract is a formal written agreement that defines the relationship of the consumer and the agent in the transaction. Once it is signed by the consumer, it will authorize the agent to represent the buyer in the home purchase or to list and advertise the seller’s house. The agreement serves as an assurance to the consumer that they will receive a full representation from the agent. It’ll also explain the consumer’s rights and the agent’s responsibilities as well.

The host of the radio show discussed that the ideal maximum length of a real estate contract should be 100 days. This limited duration is feasible for buyers, and for the sellers. Also, 60 days or less would be fine. Typically, homes will sell within days or weeks with a carefully assessed price point that’ll will attract buyers. The host warned consumers not to sign contracts with more than 100 days duration. This is because consumers won’t know how hard the agent will work, and sometimes issues crop up like broker accessibility.

The importance of a comparative market analysis was also pointed out in the summary. The host believes that agents should have an updated comparative market analysis every two or three weeks. Kathleen Chiras, president of Skyfor, added that, “the market determines the value of a property that’s why a CMA is always needed. If the market slows downs, consumers may need to adjust the expectations on the value of their home, or how long it will take to sell”.

Buyer Agent Search Network matches the consumer’s wants and needs with the best buyer or seller agents. The agents from the network are always updated on the market’s trends.

An upcoming boot camp seminar that will educate consumers on the buying and selling process with insider tips was also announced in the show. It will happen on October 27, 2018, from 10:30 a.m-12:30 p.m. There will be no cost and snacks and coffee will be provided as well. If interested, consumers can call 800-383-7188 to get more details. The headquarters office staff of Skyfor, Inc., will be happy provide answers to many commonly asked questions, and will also provide the location and registration process for the boot camp.