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( — October 16, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Everyone loves a tool that can multi-task. These days everything must be able to function in a myriad of ways, sorta like how cellphones now need to do more than make calls and send text messages. Similarly, there is an often overlooked kitchen item that does an awesome job with both beauty and health concerns. Apple cider vinegar is somewhat legendry among people of a certain age but somewhere along the way young generations seem to have forgotten just how invaluable it is and at last its beneficial fame is on the rise. 

Recently, the cat is out of the proverbial bag with celebs like Katy Perry revealing to fans that apple cider vinegar is a longstanding part of their beauty treatment routine. She uses it as a detox cleanse as per her mother’s wise insistence.  

“I was drinking strange green juices and apple cider vinegar my whole childhood,” says Katy Perry reported by SELF Magazine. “My mom made sure that whatever was put into my body was good for my body. My mom is a very health-oriented person, she swore by apple cider vinegar.” 

The “Roar” singer has definitely seen the fruits of her dietary labur as her well toned and statuesque physique brilliantly displays the results of having apple cider vinegar as an integral part of one’s diet. Thankfully we no longer need to subject ourselves to swallowing the bitter taste of traditional liquid apple cider vinegar to reap the benefits since apple cider vinegar capsules are now formulated from concentrates for maximum potency minus any taste. 

Although drinking is the most familiar way of ripping its benefits, it is certainly not the only way. There are currently concentrated formats such as the AppleLife™ Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules which perfectly circumvent the tart taste experienced by drinking it directly. Also significant are the several different approaches that may be employed using apple cider vinegar, liquid or even diluted capsules, to strategically target specific body parts.

Hair rinse: For starters, let’s just ditch those harsh shampoos which are a concoction of “I don’t know what” chemicals and instead opt for a healthier and more natural to address dandruff or general scalp buildup by using your handy dandy apple cider vinegar as a rinse. It’s a great follow-up to the application of baking soda as together they really make your hair shine but best of all, this method reduces frizz and functions as an organic cuticle seal plus as a bonus apple cider vinegar hair treatments encourage follicle growth. 

Toner: Those coping with psoriasis have discovered that apple cider vinegar does well to control inflammation as wiping the affected areas safeguards against breakouts and mitigates blemishes – starlet Scarlett Johansson is in love with this particular beauty tip! 

Mouthwash: Mixing apple cider vinegar (liquid or capsule) to water, then using it to gargle works as an antiseptic combating the bacteria that causes bad breath and deteriorates plaque. 

Face mask: Mixing a one to one ratio of apple cider vinegar and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay makes for a really cool facial mask. It works phenomenally when left on 10-15 minutes as it detoxifies and functions as a deep-pore treatment. Remember you rinse with warm water. 

Bath solution: Soaking in a tub of warm water mixed with a few caps full of apple cider vinegar, feel free to dissolve your capsules as needed, is all it takes to have you relaxed and moisturized all over as toxins are expelled through the pores of your skin. 

All this and so much more can be enjoyed health-wise with apple cider vinegar capsules. The AppleLife™ Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules by HealthyWiser™ is uniquely formulated with the concentrated power ginger and cayenne pepper as well so your pocket get a bang for each buck and your body will thank you in due time for investing in better health. 

“Apple cider vinegar balances pH levels of skin and hosts natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties to nip acne-causing bacteria in the bud,” explains Women’s Health. “It also contains malic acid and lactic acid that gently exfoliate and soften skin.” 

This natural miracle fruit is brought to the next level with the HealthyWiser™ AppleLife™ Apple Cider Vinegar Capsule. Nature certainly knows best and technology has harnessed it conveniently in the comfort of the home or on the go. The nutritional benefits offered are endless for you to consume with ease.

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