Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy MP3 Sessions Online Audio Collection Launched

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( — October 9, 2018) Salt Lake City, Utah — “You Can Master Anything”, a company specializing in self-improvement solutions, launched an updated collection of hypnotherapy programs designed to encourage a variety of positive psychological and lifestyle changes, including higher confidence and improved concentration. The programs were created by expert psychologists based on extensive scientific research, each program providing users with self-paced self-hypnosis MP3s which can be listened to in the comfort of their homes.

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According to a “You Can Master Anything” representative, hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular for its effectiveness in alleviating a variety of psychological issues, from anxiety to stress, low energy and many others. Studies show that at least 15% of people respond well to hypnosis, while only 10% are difficult to hypnotize.

Recorded in  high quality audio, the new programs were designed to allow individuals interested in reaping the benefits of hypnosis to do so without the significant expenses of working with a hypnotherapist.

“You Can Master Anything” currently provides five personalized programs – officially called “bootcamps”- that target a variety of essential areas, including higher confidence, better fitness, and superior cognitive abilities.

The Confidence Bootcamp, for instance, provides users with a series of MP3 audios that will encourage better charisma, self-assurance and social skills, while decreasing the tendency towards fear and self-doubt. Based on scientific hypnosis and NLP principles, the recordings are completely safe and have been demonstrated to be effective in helping individuals improve their self-confidence.

The new Hypnosis Bootcamps are intensive, one-week programs requiring participants to listen to specific MP3 audios for a few minutes each day.

To ensure high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, the company provides a one-year, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

For a limited time only, “You Can Master Anything” MP3 audios are available as a free trial.

A satisfied Hypnosis Bootcamp user said, “Becoming a new person has never been easier. I love the way that Hypnosis Bootcamp subtly provides you with a fresh mental framework. Yes, I’m a fan!”

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