Anal Itching Problem? Learn How to Get Rid of the Embarrassing Issue

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( — October 8, 2018) — Remember the last time you stretched your hand behind to scratch that itchy part on your anus? How did you feel when you looked back and spotted someone looking at you? Pretty embarrassed, right? There are numerous reasons why you might feel the urge to scratch yourself but it is always prudent to seek the advice of a medical professional. If you are embarrassed to do so, you can look for a solution online. There are ointments that will make you feel relieve. An example you can look at is Pranicura.

There are cases when the cause might be unidentifiable. However, the following options can help you eliminate the problem.

  • Avoiding food allergens

It’s time to stay away from soda, beer and beverages that have a high Vitamin C content if you have anal itching. You ought to skip eating spicy foods for not less than two weeks and only introduce them back into your diet gradually while taking care to avoid the resurgence of the problem. When a food item causes you to have flare-ups, it might be an allergen that you ought to be cautious in when consuming.

  • Clean wiping

When the area around the anus gets irritated, chances are you will have to scratch yourself from time to time. You should do clean wiping not only after bowel movements but also after taking a shower.

After passing stool, make sure that you spot some traces of it on the toilet paper. This will prevent reddening and severe itching of the anus. Do not leave any fecal matter on the skin that can cause infections as well as bad odor.

  • Using damp toilet paper

After passing stool, the possibility of wiping off all the fecal matter with a dry toilet paper is zero. This is normally the case even when you wipe several times without damping the toilet paper. This is why it is always advisable for you to dampen the toilet paper before you wipe yourself. You have to make it a little damp as sticky stool can be difficult to eliminate completely when the toilet paper is dry. The dryness in the toilet paper can also induce itching especially after numerous wipes.

You need to however dry off the anus by use of a dry tissue paper as any moisture left can by itself lead to itching.

  • Drying the bottom properly

A dry bottom has lesser chances of developing itches as compared to that which is left wet. Baby powder is one of the materials that are effective in eliminating any negligible moisture on the bottom which can cause irritation. Other materials that you can choose to use include a dry cotton ball or a similar material that is soft.

  • Always wearing underclothes

The reason why underclothes are manufactured with a different fabric is for maximum anal comfort. While your pants might be made of a harsher material, the underpants are made of soft fabric which rarely induces irritation. When you have such a layer of cloth in between your anal region and the rough pants it is possible to curb irritation.

  • Keeping the fingers away from the itchy region

When you scratch the area that itches around your anus you help to aggravate the condition. It is advisable that you avoid scratching regardless of the fact that this might bring about a temporary relief. Take a cold shower instead or sit on a cold compress to help get rid of the inflammation.