Meeting Room Distributor and Booking Platform is Rebranded as Kiva Solutions

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( — October 9, 2018) — October 9, 2018) – Kiva Solutions has announced a successful rebranding, and is offering a platform to bring the business meeting industry online. Kiva is a global meeting space distributor that provides instant online booking of meetings and events.

The world’s leading distributor of online business meetings has been rebranded as Kiva Solutions. The word “Kiva” comes from the Hopi Native American word for a sacred meeting place. These spaces were often used for other tribal meetings.

Travelers go online to book a flight with Expedia or book a room with Airbnb. Commuters can book a ride with Uber. Now for meeting planners there is Kiva to book their meetings and events. Kiva is bringing the meetings industry online as the go-to integrated distributor for meeting spaces, serving all parties involved in the meeting booking process.

Hotels, hotel chains and other venue operators can use Kiva to replace the “Get a Quote” or “Submit Enquiry” button on their website with Kiva’s Book Now functionality that instantly converts the visitor to a customer by allowing them to configure and book the meeting using real-time pricing and availability.

Travel management companies and other meeting planners can use Kiva to reduce the time required to book a meeting for their corporate clients from hours to minutes, and get easy access to the right meeting spaces.

Meeting space directory websites can use the Kiva integrated solution to offer direct booking on their website, replacing the RFP process.

Managed offices and flexible workspaces can use Kiva to combine their meeting spaces with nearby hotel room inventory to offer a complete meeting package.

Kiva CEO and Founder, Gee Mann, states, “We have a mission to be the worldwide distributor of meeting spaces. In this on-demand economy, people expect instant feedback and results. There’s an obvious gap in the marketplace to provide instant online booking of meetings and events. Venue managers can’t expect their prospective customers to wait several days to find out whether a meeting space is available or not. Kiva provides the real-time pricing and availability that eliminates the need for the RFP-and-proposal process.”

The meeting space is at the heart of what Kiva does. Kiva provides fast and flexible booking and distribution tools on its global distribution platform for meeting spaces. The central database includes the hotels or venues, the meeting spaces within, and the equipment and catering options that are available to each meeting room.

Venue managers have complete control over how and where their meeting spaces are sold. Through the meeting space channel manager functions, venue managers can choose which distribution channels to use and what price to charge, down to the channel, date, time slot and use of the meeting space. Kiva also gives complete control of the equipment and catering options and pricing for each type of event. All backed up by world-class analytics and decision-support to increase revenues and profitability.

“The kiva is a perfect metaphor for who we are and what we do – the sacred meeting space,” continues Gee Mann. “And Kiva distinguishes us from the meeting-something group-something companies that are springing up. Our inclusive distribution model means that we can be the middleware or switch partner for “competitors” that provide distribution of meeting spaces. They use our real-time pricing and availability to provide instant booking capabilities on their websites. They get happier customers, more revenues and a closed-loop solution.”

Kiva provides worldwide reach, complete control and significant time and cost savings for everyone involved.

For more information about the new global distribution platform for meeting spaces and instant booking of meetings and events, please visit Kiva Solutions.

About Kiva Solutions

Kiva Solutions distributes meeting spaces of hotels and other venues worldwide so that travel management companies and meeting distribution channels can instantly book meetings and events online in real-time, without the hassle, expense and time wasted with RFP’s and proposals. The mission of Kiva Solutions is to be the seamless connector for the meetings industry, serving all businesses involved in the process of booking meetings and events.