What to Know Before Skydiving – Know Before You Go

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(Newswire.net — October 10, 2018) — Are you trying to find out what to know before skydiving? There are several things you need to know in your first time skydiving. First, you should be prepared. The attendants at the sky diving centers will brief you on different things you need to do before you get started for the jump. It is necessary to follow the tips so that you can get everything right. Here is what to know before skydiving:

Get your body fit for the sky dive

You will be free falling at about 120 mph. You can do simple exercises in the morning before you go sky dive so that your muscles can stay relaxed for the jump. Some of the workouts you can do include neck stretch and jumping jacks. You can as well consult your doctor for medical examination to ensure you are fit for the jump.

Get your mind prepared

You will be jumping out of the plane. Try to search for videos online where you can watch and prepare your mind for the jump. Always ensure you get enough information to prepare your mind so that you can feel relaxed during the jump.

Stay calm and breathe

Your instructor will walk you through the different stages of the jump. You should stay relaxed and listen to what the instructor will tell you so that you can enjoy the whole jump. If you are not sure about a given move, just ask and he will explain to you.

Maintain a banana pose when in mid air

In order to skydive well, you need to fit the harness well and maintain a banana pose. The head should be tilted backwards as you jump. Your instructor will guide you through the steps as you free fall.

Don’t believe what other people say

You will be free falling from 13,000 feet. If you peep through the window of the airplane, you will be scared. There are other people out there who will claim skydiving is dangerous. You should not believe them because the whole experience is very exciting and safe for you to undertake.

– Enjoy as you skydive

You may be thinking about several things as you skydive. Others will be worried what can happen if the parachute fails to open. You should not worry because the whole experience is very safe and enjoyable. Relax and enjoy the whole adventure.

– Safety is Paramount

You should ensure your instructor has the necessary qualification. You can go online and check on the qualification of the instructor before you jump with him. It is necessary to ensure you are doing the right thing so that you can avoid cases where you will be exposed to accidents due to carelessness.

– How to enjoy the jump

You may feel cold up there, but the adrenaline will rise as you fall hence you will not feel the cold. You need a camera so that you can capture the thrilling adventure. You should as well have some cash which you can use to buy snacks and leave a tip for your instructor for the good job.

You should not worry about what to know before skydiving. The above are some of the things you need to know before your first time skydiving.