Faux Wedding Cakes Rental Alternative Realistic Budget Design Service Announced

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(Newswire.net — October 11, 2018) — A new site has been launched offering a high quality, affordable and beautiful wedding cake rental service. Amazing Wedding Cake Rentals offers this cake rental service in order for people to have amazing wedding cakes on display at an affordable price to keep wedding costs down, as real wedding cakes can cost a huge amount. The site is ideal for anyone that is planning a wedding or anyone that is getting married and wanting to keep the costs down.

More information can be found at: https://amazingweddingcakerentals.com.

Amazing Wedding Cake Rentals is a wedding cake rental company that is passionate about providing customers with the best level of personalized service at an affordable price. The company aims to personalize the cake rentals for each individual wedding to suit and fit the style and aesthetic of the weddings.

Barbara Nischalke, the owner of Amazing Wedding Cake Rentals, made her first wedding cake in 1999, and opened her first bakery in 2011, meaning she has a wealth of experience in the field, and found a common problem for many customers throughout the years – most wedding cakes are far too expensive. This is where the wedding cake rental service came from.

Customers will find that the faux wedding cakes are top quality and a fraction of the price compared to a real cake. With this in mind, they can be used as a centrepiece for the wedding, with amazing wedding cake looks that can impress and look great in pictures, but will keep the budget low.

The faux cakes are used at wedding shows, bridal shops and on movie sets, meaning they look incredibly real. More and more weddings are using faux cakes, and people tend to feed the guests with cakes bought from shops or homemade, whilst having the incredible looking faux cake out on display for the wedding, and then taken away before the guests eat.

Full details of the service provided and its benefits can be found on the URL above.