Intake of Healthy Foods, Overweight Or Not

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( — October 18, 2018) Orlando, FL — Health experts have been particularly concerned about the diets obese and overweight individuals follow. Having a healthy diet is important for fighting obesity, but it is also necessary, even for those who have the right weight.

According to experts, the body mass index (BMI) is often used in determining healthy weight ranges. It was designed to monitor the weight of populations.

It is important to remember that it is a useful tool in evaluating weight, but the reality is that it is not a good marker for individual health. This is due to the fact that the BMI is a measure of height and weight, as well as the ratios of their combination.

Researchers said that weight alone does not determine the difference between a kilogram of fat versus a kilogram of muscle. It also doesn’t count for body shape, as well as fat distribution differences relating to things like gender or ethnicity.

Experts say that even lean people suffer from conditions normally linked with obesity. This includes high or bad cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

In some studies, it has been found that there is a link in between consumption of healthy foods and good nutrition and well-being. It offers health benefits, particularly when combined with regular exercise.

Research studies from around the world have found that individuals with healthy diets are less susceptible to suffering from depression. Those with unhealthy diets, on the other hand, could be at an increased risk of the brain disorder.

Different types of food contain nutrients that can target various aspects of health. There have been researchers who identified that certain foods can fight cognitive decline and dementia in older age.

There are also those, especially when combined with regular exercise, which strengthen bones and even reduced aches and pains. Some foods are better consumed in minimal amounts, like salt.

According to experts, excessive consumption of salt can trigger the kidneys to hold on to more water. This leads to an increase in blood pressure. Hypertension or high blood pressure has an ability to strain the arteries, which supply blood to the body’s vital organs. This includes the heart and brain.

Hypertension further increases the risk of stroke, dementia, heart attack and kidney disease.

Overweight or not, consumers are advised to follow a healthy diet. It can significantly help ward off diseases that could turn out expensive to treat and fatal.

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