Cape Town Aromatherapy Water Saving Shower Head Service Launched

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( — October 16, 2018) — Aroma Sense Cape Town, a company specializing in water saving and aromatherapy solutions, announced an updated range of shower heads designed to reduce water usage and provide a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Available for clients in Cape Town and other areas in South Africa, the Aroma Sense range of shower heads is an ideal solution considering the present South African water crisis.

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Reducing water consumption has become a priority for many South Africans in light of the recent water crisis. The Aroma Sense range of shower heads developed by Aroma Sense Cape Town aims to respond to this increased demand for creative water saving solutions.

The technology behind the new products is simple: a patented triangular hole design uses up to 50% less water while increasing water pressure. Additionally, the shower heads feature a ceramic ball designed to prevent bacteria growth, and a micro-fabric filter to remove debris and dust.

The new shower heads also include a concentrated capsule of vitamin C, contributing to a reinvigorating shower experience and nourishing the skin.

The Aroma Sense range of shower heads is available for online purchase at the company’s official website.

About Aroma Sense Cape Town:

Aroma Sense Cape Town specializes in eco-friendly water saving technologies, including shower heads. The company’s models are registered as Public Procurement Service’s water saving products and are used by residential and commercial clients throughout the world.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We want to bring you something that will give you the best shower you have ever had at the same time saving water. Based on technologies and the global standard quality, Aroma Sense Cape Town are always looking to improve the service that we offer.. We promise you to grow constantly in the global market as a company which always thinks about the value of water, the global environment, and the pursuit of human happiness.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.