YouTube Crypto Interview and Blockchain Channel For Beginners to Experts Launched

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( — October 16, 2018) — A new YouTube channel has been launched focusing on cryptocurrency information, beginner guides, discussions and more. Called Crypto Beadles, it was founded by Robert Beadles, a huge cryptocurrency and blockchain believer, who wanted to get more content out there for anyone wondering what crypto is and how to get involved.

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On the YouTube channel, which has already amassed over 90,000 subscribers, viewers can learn together about some of the biggest names in the crypto business. It also features interviews and talks with key figures in the industry.

Viewers can learn about Altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin in a friendly environment. The channel is friendly and welcoming, and anyone from complete crypto newbies to experienced crypto enthusiasts will be able to pick up great insights on cryptocurrency.

Crypto Beadles knows that for many people, cryptocurrency can seem dangerous or feel confusing. What’s more, detailed information, explainer videos, and guides for beginners can be hard to find.

This is why Crypto Beadles was created: to make information, guides, and videos on the topic more accessible. Among the popular videos on the channel are a fireside chat with Vinny Lingham, an interview with LinkChain CEO Conston Taylor, and features on Endor, ChainWise, and much more.

Videos also feature the LiteCoin Summit, Ethereum giveaways, details on Boosto, which is being heralded as an Apple Store beater, and how to mine crypto with HoneyMiner.

Cryptocurrency is big news in today’s market, led by the surge in popularity for Bitcoin. Its renowned volatility made headlines throughout 2017 as more and more people sought to get involved with the popular currency and wanted to find out more.

Crypto can most easily be defined as a digital currency, which uses encryption techniques to regulate how it is generated and to verify the transfer of funds. It operates completely independently from any bank, which is one of the reasons it is so appealing to so many.

However, wanting to find out more about cryptocurrency and other various blockchain technologies, it is often hard to find a reliable information stream. This is where Crypto Beadles can help.

Full details can be found on the YouTube channel above, with more information available at: