Report Released: Cords of Steel Simplify Charging for iPhones, Androids, Micros

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( — October 16, 2018) — There are plenty of benefits to Cords of Steel. It charges Androids. It charges iPhones. It charges micro USBs. This covers over 90% of the charging needs of most people. So for the family with mixed electronics, one owns an Android and one an iPhone, one cord serves all. For those who have additional charging requirements, such as C cords for smart devices, adapters can be ordered from eBay or elsewhere.

So what are other benefits of Cords of Steel? Its name gives a clue: the vital cord is protected by stainless steel. If you touch the cord, or pull on the cord, you are pulling on the outer sheath of steel. The inner cord which actually charges the electronics is protected. Dogs cannot chew through it. Kids cannot pull on it and break it. It cannot even be severed with scissors. It is super strong and super durable.

The length is six feet long which most consumers prefer as a popular length.

This is a big bonus. Have you ever had to play with how to insert a cord in your device? You look at the end of the cord, then you look at the device to see how the cord fits, and then you carefully insert the cord. If it is night or you are in a poorly lit room, this is a problem. With Cords of Steel this problem is solved as it is the “world’s first triple blind cord”.

This means the cord will insert either way. You can insert it one way, take it out, flip it over, and it will insert just as easily the other way. It works both directions. It is called “triple blind” because it will work with iPhones, tablets, and micro usbs. Those three categories cover the majority of devices. So even if a room is pitch dark, all you need to do is insert the cord either direction and your device will start charging.

There is also a right angle feature. When you plug a typical charger into your iPhone, the tail cord normally hangs straight down. So if you want to wrap the cord up around the side of the phone, it is clumsy to do. With the right angle feature, the cord will trail off alongside the bottom of the phone and then you can simple wrap the cord along the side of the phone. This is a much better design as well as a sturdier design in terms of keeping the cord attached to the bottom of the phone. With a tail hanging down, the cord is more easily pulled out.

To learn more about Cords of Steel click here. It is a great gift to give any time of the year or at Christmas. It is a great gift to yourself and your family as it will help solve the majority of charging needs for the majority of people.