What to Wear to a Model Casting Call – Simple Over Bold

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(Newswire.net — October 16, 2018) — Are you new to modeling and wondering what to wear to a model casting call? During model castings, you should only wear simplicity in all aspects. This is due to the fact that potential clients will want to have an image of you in the most basic way. The first impression will be the key to everything. All they need is to imagine ways to transform your appearance to satisfy their needs. However, the right choice on what to wear can be quite stressing especially on first-time auditions. Let’s have a look at tops tips on dressing during your casting call. 

What to Wear to a Model Casting Call

– Keep it Simple

During model casting, it is a requirement for one to keep the dressing code simple. The reason is that those tasked with casting would what to have the real image of each model without any form of distraction. Trendy or too much shouting clothes tend to obstruct attention.

Simplicity in ladies starts with tank tops and skinny jeans. Men fitted with denim and khakis also stand out. This should be followed with sleeveless tops in simple colors such as grey or blue. You should learn that in some instances, simple outfits win particularly when you want to expose your natural beauty. It is advisable to also avoid any perky colors on your hair or even bold nails. As a model, your role is to market their style and not yours. Women should ensure collars fit well around the neck. Also, avoid tops with imprints and loud colors. To be on the safe side, go for neutral tones. For men, only swear simple t-shirts with V necks.

– Plain or no Makeup

The same way designers would like models with simple clothing, they too prefer simple face with no crazy make-ups. When you go for plain makeups, they enable the casting directors to capture all details without being distracted. In addition, natural face requires minimal maintenance especially when it’s too hot and you are sweating. A simple makeup look can include a shaded cream or a light foundation. You can also opt for a touch of mascara. For ladies, the key to casting is putting on a fresh look. You can do so by either wearing a concealer if necessary or nothing at all. 
– Keep in Mind the Small Details

The modeling industry is quite demanding. This means that models are highly examined and evaluated. Every single aspect is under scrutiny. Bear in mind that it is those simple details which define our general outlook. For example, before model casting, one needs to get a perfect manicure. This provides an all-round sentiment that the model values her appearance. 
– Shoes

Modeling goes hand in hand with heels. Height is central when modeling thus higher heels win the day. Besides making you look tall, heels also make one look more elongated. Well-designed heels can make one appear leaner and longer even with casual clothing. Another important is to wear heels which you are only comfortable with. Don’t go for too extended heels since they will ruin everything. Being comfortable during the casting is crucial so don’t kill it. The best choice can be a 4-inch heel which is far from sliding or slipping. 
In conclusion, you need to consider simplicity and comfortably in your dressing choice for what to wear to a model casting call. The tips listed here will help you look your best for your upcoming casting. Don’t forget that simple looks will help you in the long-run over doing a more bold look.