KIND Soap Company Takes the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping

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( — October 16, 2018) — ST LOUIS, Mo.– Holiday shopping tends to be the most dreaded end-of-year activity for most people. Choosing meaningful gifts for family, friends, teachers, delivery drivers and those who deserve thanks can be a daunting task. KIND soap offers customers a one-stop-shop to ease the burden, both in-store and online.

Like Santa’s workshop, KIND is already gearing up for the holidays: crafting seasonal scents, bundling popular products and adding a touch of holiday magic to every handmade natural soap they create. Jean Scholtes, Owner and Chief Creator of All Things KIND, said, “We’re as busy as elves, working fervently to construct natural soaps that are safe for everyone on your list.” She added, “We may not whistle while we work, but our skin almost sparkles, thanks to our coveted Rosewater Skin Care Collection.”

KIND is offering seasonal soaps including: Lavender Pine, Frankincense & Myrrh, Snickerdoodle and the highly-demanded Snowberry. Gift bundles are perfectly packaged with holiday trimmings, covering every need from head to toe. Customers love the cleverly packaged Lumps of Coal, a set of three Lavender Charcoal Facial Soap bars. Tired feet applaud the Peppermint Joy Gift set, containing Buttermint Foot Scrub and Cocoa Mint Foot Creme. Scholtes says, “This pedicure package is so scrumptious that our customers practically drool over it.”

When customers shop at KIND, they have peace of mind knowing that the gifts they give are made with all-natural, highest quality ingredients. No products contain harsh, skin-irritating and harmful ingredients such as: sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or formaldehyde. KIND is passionate about educating and empowering their customers to provide safe, healthy and incredibly indulgent products everyone will enjoy.

With the rapidly approaching season of giving, KIND encourages customers to slow down and enjoy the most important things in life: the gift of friends, family and the beautiful people that make this planet special. KIND soap wants customers to know that they are always available to help them meet their holiday shopping needs, either online, in-store or by visiting their Facebook page.

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