Magnesium Is a Top, Extremely Helpful Nutrient for Runners

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( — October 24, 2018) Orlando, FL — Running is a highly physically active activity, and many people aside from athletes are making it a part of their weekly routine. There are many ways to endure and meet the physical demands of running, and one is to use certain minerals.

Magnesium is a top, extremely helpful nutrient for runners. This nutrient can be found in a variety of food sources, but it can also be useful to resort to Divine Bounty Magnesium Citrate, which is widely believed to be one of the most trusted formulas in the market.

This mineral is used in virtually every cell in the body. Further, it is involved in over 300 chemical processes that are vital for human health and function. This includes nerve function, cardiac activity, muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pressure regulation, hormonal interactions, immunity, bone health and synthesis of proteins, fats and nucleic acids.

This amazingly therapeutic mineral is also needed for energy metabolism by ATPases activation. The enzymes called ATPases are needed in generating (adenosine triphosphate).

ATP breakdown leads to the release of energy for all muscle contractions. When the body engages in strenuous exercise, this turnover is found to be extremely high. This means that there is a need for the ATP to be synthesized quickly.

This means that shortfall of this mineral can limit the production of energy. When this happens, it leads to reduced power, fatigue, lethargy, cramps, and muscle twitches.

It is also important to understand that chronic magnesium deficiency has been linked with decreased bone mineral density. It could even increase the risk of osteoporosis, depression, anemia, and irregular heart rate.

Almost all systems can exhibit symptoms, and this is due to the fact that they rely on magnesium. Athletes may suffer from lowered immunity, fatigue or muscle cramps, and even altered heart rates with magnesium deficiency as an underlying factor.

Some studies suggest that in athletes, there are significantly increasing magnesium requirements. Thus, higher intakes of this mineral could help improve their performance. Magnesium is needed for energy production and could even reduce the perception of fatigue that the body feels during strenuous exercise.

Athletes or runners may take into account the use of Divine Bounty Magnesium Citrate, which is highly potent and pure. This formula is crafted carefully in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility in the United States.

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