Online to Offline Transactions Loyalty Points Management Technology Announced

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( — October 18, 2018) — RainCheck, a blockchain-based online-to-offline commerce platform, announced its 2018 roadmap and an update of its main features. Using the RainCheck app, consumers will be able to manage multiple loyalty points and reward programs from a single platform, add offers and cash-back points to any debit or credit payment card, and seamlessly use them for any applicable online transactions. The platform will also be an effective way for retail brands to promote their products and develop effective incentivization programs.

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According to RainCheck, the current e-commerce industry faces a series of problems which could easily be overcome using creative blockchain-based solutions. More than 75% of all online shopping cards are abandoned, almost 90% of consumers who search online eventually purchase offline, and the industry has seen a modest annual growth rate of only 2.3% over the last 5 years.

RainCheck aims to address these issues by offering a series of important features to both consumers and brands.

The main applications of the RainCheck platform are related to loyalty program optimization. Using the RainCheck app, consumers will be able to manage and use multiple incentives, discover and save items online, and link reward and cash-back points directly to their credit or debit cards.

Retail brands and other sellers will be able to link in-store purchases to online discovery and develop cross-platform incentive programs designed to encourage consumers to purchase their products.

Transactions will be based in the RAIN token, a utility token scheduled for public sale in the fourth quarter of 2018.

According to a RainCheck spokesperson, “the RAIN Token will be a utility token that is awarded for shopping in general and around marketing activities associated with products and brands on the network. People can be rewarded for saving items to their wishlist and making a purchase of those items both online and offline. Tokens can be exchanged and transferred between friends and family on the network.”

To facilitate cross-platform transactions, RainCheck has already partnered with industry leaders such as Amazon, Shopify and Magenta, and announced that it will continue to expand its network of commercial partners.

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