Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Successful Project Completion Announced

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( — October 19, 2018) — Milestone Companies, a leading oil and gas construction and civil construction services company in Fort Collins, has announced the successful completion of a pipeline contract in less than two months, involving two different pipeline runs in Colorado.

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The latest project involved a 20-inch and an 8-inch natural gas pipeline. A substantial distance of this pipeline was a dual lay run, meaning both the 20-inch gas line and a parallel 8-inch line were laid at the same time. This was a challenging task to accomplish. The pipeline had to be installed next to an existing 12-inch live line, creating some safety concerns. As the Project Manager stated, “We had to take extra precautions such as potholing and daylighting the 12-inch all along the line to ensure we wouldn’t have a line strike. We succeeded with zero safety incidents.”

Milestone explains that the system was fabricated with a launcher and receiver on both ends, which allows the gas company to go in and clean the line in the future without shutting the line down, using a foam disc system known as pigging.

Installing a complete pipeline system involves stringing, bending, welding, lowering in, and hydrostatic pressure testing. Throughout the project, Milestone had seven HDDs, or Horizontal Directional Drills which were also challenging because the drilling contractor had to know precisely where the aforementioned line was located.

Despite the tight schedule, Milestone Companies was able to complete the project on time with no delays. The completed lines are part of a gathering system, taking gas from the wells to the processing plants, which will provide more access to natural gas in the Colorado Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin.

Milestone Companies is renowned for its excellent service and is qualified to take on all large pipeline jobs. It offers natural gas, oil, and fuel pipeline construction, horizontal drilling, pipeline testing, repair and maintenance, and more.

Milestone’s core values that drive the company’s success are based on safety, commitment, accountability, communication, humility, integrity, respect, and family.

The company states, “As an experienced oil and gas construction company, we provide high-quality construction services to the oil and gas industry. Our track record at completing projects on time, on budget, and with precision is our competitive edge.”

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