Top Movies for Kids to Watch in 2018 on Netflix

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( — October 24, 2018) — The time worth spent with family, speaks about your care and love and also binds the family together. Yes, watching movies for kids on Netflix with your children shows your love for your tiny tots who can be seen enjoying every bit of the moment. Yes, movies 123 is a platform which offers perfect choice for you to watch your preferred movies irrespective of age.

A family get-together doesn’t only imply that you have to go out and spend huge sum of money on purchasing tickets of amusement parks or dinning in a fancy restaurant. You can derive the same pleasure at the comforts home with your children by watching movies together. Another good option for parents to consider for online movies is Gomovies.

Let’s now take a look at some of the top movies for kids on Netflix in 2018:

Stick Man: – Age 4+

The beautiful and child friendly movie has a Christmas backdrop and shows how the Stick Man is tossed by waves and is drifting in the ocean. However, thanks to his survival antics especially his sense of belief, friendly as well as highly motivating nature to fight against all odds, his survival journey is well documented.

The secret life of Pets: – Age 6+

A lively, engaging, exciting and adventurous movie, it gives an awesome and happy phase of friendly animals around us such as cats, dogs, birds etc. Yes, through the documentary one will know about what they are up to, when they are left alone.

Shrek: – Age 6+

Looking for humor for your kids? Well, the movie is for you. The movie is a mix of emotions. Your kids will have hearty laugh on one hand, while they also be seriously watching the fighting scenes especially, as there is an altercation with guards, villagers. Overall, it is an engaging documentary if you want your kid to have a blast.

Born in China – Suited for Age 6+

The documentary shows the love of animals for their children. It indeed gives a beautiful message about how parents of these animals take pains to protect their tiny tots. The movie depicts the struggle of leopard to feed her young one or panda helping her cubs to learn the challenges of life fast in order to become independent. The movie also depicts the struggle which is primarily the biggest source of mode for survival. Yes, the story of a monkey which has been thrown away from his family shows the same. Few scenes may be scary for kids, but is worth watching.

Antboy: – Age 10+

An entertaining movie, the protagonist of the documentary namely Antboy has certain powers. Yes, his urine is corrosive and uses his power to urinate on locks. There are endless scenes which will give your kids rib-tickling moments. Students have resorted to bullying him while a PE teacher has been quite aggressive with Antboy and verbally as well as physically hurt him. One such incident was in the gymnasium where the concerned teacher has used pugil sticks for him.

Enroll yourself with some craze and madness with your kids and seeing them happy, will equally make you happier as well.