Health Authorities Warn Against the Sneaky Causes of UTIs

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( — November 2, 2018) Orlando, FL — It is hard to deny that urinary tract infections are highly prevalent. However, not many are aware of how this type of infection exactly develops.

Dr. Shailen Sehgal, a St. Clair Hospital urologist, reveals that women get UTIs more than men by four times. 

While it is highly prevalent, many people are clueless to the risk factors they are exposed to.

According to experts, females tend to be more susceptible to the infection due to the fact that they have shorter urethras. It is worth realizing that the urethra carries urine away from the bladder. It has been revealed than women do not only have shorter urethras, but theirs are also closer to the rectum. 

These are the very factors that make them particularly susceptible to UTIs over men. In premenopausal women, a shorter urethra allows bacteria to easily head to the bladder, especially after sex, and this increases infection risk. 

In men, their urethras are longer but they are nonetheless not immune to the infection. This is particularly true to men with enlarged prostate, which impairs their ability to empty the bladder out. 

Health experts reveal that when urine is unable to leave the body, it triggers an infection. 

More and more studies are actually still underway to explore more of how UTIs can be prevented effectively.

There are natural remedies known to be extremely helpful in warding off this type of infection. 

It is particularly important to remember that when this infection is not diagnosed and treated at the right time, it can spread to the kidneys and wreak havoc on health.

Antibiotics are the type of medication that could work best in killing the E.coli bacteria that cause infection. However, its use or misuse is also something that health organizations warn the public against. 

Health authorities warn that antibiotics can kill the good bacteria inside the body, and may also cause antibiotic resistance. This is why more and more researchers are studying on the usefulness of some safer alternatives like D-mannose.

This therapeutic, beneficial type of sugar continues to gain increasing popularity among sufferers of UTI. It can be found in cranberry but can also be obtained through supplementation. 

It is worth mentioning D-mannose is believed to be a safer but effective alternative to antibiotics. 

It works by binding with E.coli, and preventing the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. This preventive process has been found useful in warding off infection. Plus, it works naturally so it doesn’t cause side effects like antibiotics do.

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