UTIs Found to Produce Behavioral Symptoms in the Elderly

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(Newswire.net — November 5, 2018) Orlando, FL — Pain and burning feeling while urinating are just some of the common symptoms of urinary tract infections. However, this type of infection can have varying effects according to age.

UTIs have been found to produce behavioral symptoms in the elderly. Aging has made it difficult for many people to stay healthy and live a functional life. When the elderly suffer from this infection, it may cause behavioral problems.

In some cases, people found out that the underlying cause of an old person’s chronic depression is UTI. Depression was even accompanied by confusion and followed by a fever. Urinary tract infections can reoccur, and this can cause a major concern.

According to Amanda Smith, M.D., medical director at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute at the University of South Florida, older adults often present different symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

It is worth learning that this infection in the urinary tract commonly affects the bladder. It commonly causes the need to frequently or urgently urinate. The color of the urine may be different or there may also be an odor.

However, the case may be different in older adults. Instead of the physical symptoms, they often suffer from vague fatigue, unexplained incontinence, or significant changes in their mental status and behavior.

These older sufferers may be easily sleepy, agitated, or confused. They may even see things that are truly not there, such as bugs in the ceiling. It has further been found that in older individuals with dementia, it is UTI that commonly causes sudden increase in confusion.

It is important to learn about the symptoms that UTI elderly sufferers may be experiencing. This can include cloudy, dark or foul-smelling urine, complaints of discomfort while urinating, and frequently touching themselves.

The right medical attention should be given to help sufferers recover. It is important to remember that sufferers may be subjected to chronic incontinence when the infection is not properly addressed. It then leads to serious damage when the infection spreads and reaches the kidneys.

UTIs are often treated through the use of antibiotics. This type of pharmaceutical drug works by killing the E.coli bacteria that cause the infection. Unfortunately, this type of medication also kills the good bacteria and causes antibiotic resistance.

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