Neuropathy Workshop for Diabetics and Cancer patients

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( — October 29, 2018) Darien, CT — Core Health Darien offers weekly workshops on combating the devastating effects that neuropathy wreaks on diabetics and cancer patients. Neuropathy is a painful event after years of taking needed medications to survive. It is characterized by pain, numbness in the hands and feet. It is caused by abnormal firing of unmyelinated C-fibers with accumulation of sodium and calcium channels. The cells forget how to allow for the orderly transfer of sodium and calcium ions across the cell membrane preventing the cell from operating efficiently. So to make it easier to understand. The nerves furthest away from the body- the hands and feet have less sensitivity and over time become more painful. When a person cannot feel their feet they are far more likely to fall bringing with a whole array of concomitant morbidities.

 Drs. Brian Mc Kay and Marc Kirshner at Core Health Darien have been getting results for neuropathy sufferers with a 3 month home based program. The patient is prescribed several therapies to do each day. They include nutritional supplements to allow for better absorption of nutrients across the cell membrane. They are given far-infrared light boots that will enhance production of nitric oxide to power up failing cells. They are also given a Rebuilder, a device to heal the outer layers of the unmyelinated C-fibers previously mentioned above. This covers the homebased care of the Neuropathy Blueprint.
 The patient also receives additional care once a week in the office. These treatments include PEMF. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy which acts to charge the poorly functioning cells. My suggestion is to read all about PEMF here. The patient receives vibratory plate stimulation to get oxygen to the tissues. As you would expect diabetes and cancer often leave the patient too weak to exercise. Oxygen is vital in the healing process. Vibratory stimulation really works well to enhance blood flow, it also feels pretty good. Lastly, Core Health Darien uses Cold Laser Therapy to stimulate ATP production.ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the fuel source used by the mitochandria of the cells to power up the cell.
So what we have at Core Health Darien is a powerful antidote to pain medication and anti-seizure drugs currently being used as treatment. The weekly Neuropathy Workshops are free of charge. They are held on Tuesday’s at 11:30 am. If you would like to attend you can call our office 203-656-3636 and request to attend.

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