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(Newswire.net — October 30, 2018) — Products today are more widely diversified than they were some 50 years ago. And with how Information Technology has taken center stage in the business environment, you can’t deny that there’s a great need to ensure technology works before it’s sent out to the public. Why is quality assurance so important? An example for when QA isn’t utilized fully is the public relations nightmare Samsung had to endure when their phones had exploding batteries.

Note that while the overall goal of quality assurance involves preventing defects and errors in both goods and services from getting to their final users, there are other less obvious reasons companies can’t afford to take their quality assurance for granted. A few others include:

● Fully meeting all your client’s expectations and demands. Monitoring performance with a checklist based on criteria demanded by the client.

● Constantly meeting your customer’s expectation can be helpful in your customer relations. It will help establish trust.

● Having quality assurance at each stage of the product’s life cycle can safe costs. That’s because mistakes can be noticed earlier before they become too costly.

● Constantly checking your products for defects can make your company focus more on preventive measures than corrective ones.

Having seen the benefits of having quality assurance, let’s now move on to how to manage a good quality assurance team – because it’s one thing to recognize their indispensable merits, and another to get them to work effectively.

– Creating Your Quality Assurance Team

Like with all teams, each member needs to be able to add value to the team. So even though the nature of the job requires the candidates to be engineers, you want individuals who are not only keen on perfection and comfortable performing repetitive tasks, but people who are able to trachea problem to its root and devise a preventive measure for it. Most importantly, you want to discover what talent each individual has and match them to small tasks that match these talents.

– Managing the Team

As with all technical teams, the leader will always be the one with more expertise and technique – not necessarily leadership skills. So you want to create an environment where the QA team will thrive. This includes motivating them with a goal, creating a healthy atmosphere and whatever industry specific circumstances are lurking in that sector. Note that not everyone learns at the same pace. So make sure the tasks to be completed have been specified clearly and has been understood by all.
Keep an eye on the project by supervising. So not too close to make them feel crowded, but enough to make them feel like they have their own quality control. This is valid regardless of where your quality assurance team is located – virtual or offsite.

So, Why Is Quality Assurance so Important?

It’s safe to say that quality assurance is an indispensable part of any business with plans for long term growth. It helps ensure all, if any, issues are resolved prior to the consumer receiving the product. It helps save costs by fixing a problem before it gets too big, and ensures all of your products are meeting expectations.