Warn Against the Dangers of Chronic Kidney Disease

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(Newswire.net — November 7, 2018) Orlando, FL — More and more researchers are investigating how the prevalence of some conditions like chronic kidney disease can be reduced.

Health authorities warn that the early stages of chronic kidney disease may exhibit few symptoms. It is also known as chronic kidney failure, and when it reaches an advanced stage, it can lead to significant impairment in kidney function.

This is due to the fact that when the advanced stage is reached there is already a buildup of dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes in the body.

According to experts, some of the signs and symptoms are vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness, reduced mental sharpness, sleeping problems, swelling of the feet and ankles, as well as urination changes.

It may also lead to shortness of breath if fluid builds up in the lungs, persistent itching, and chest pain if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart. It can also result in hypertension that’s difficult to control.

Some methods are highly recommended to fight kidney disease, such as maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking.

Experts often deal with chronic kidney disease via the use of certain treatments, such as medications.

The good news is that certain natural remedies are being widely studied due to their beneficial effects on the kidneys.

According to scientists, activated charcoal is one of these natural ingredients. It has long been used for a range of household and medicinal purposes. It has also shown promise against advanced chronic kidney disease.

Worldwide, there is an increasing prevalence of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) every year.

In recent studies, it was found activated charcoal reduced the need for dialysis treatment, at least transiently. While more studies are still underway to validate its benefits, the use of activated charcoal has long been recommended.

It is popularized by the adsorbent process it offers. It adsorbs toxins and contaminants from the digestive system and body, and can even be used in teeth whitening and water filtration.

Individuals who suffer from a hangover or food poisoning may also take into account the use of this natural ingredient.

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