Calgary Residential Soundproofing Floor Window Noise Reduction Services Launched

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( — October 31, 2018) — Hush City Soundproofing, a professional soundproofing company based in Calgary, launched an updated range of residential services. The company helps homeowners install cutting-edge noise reduction solutions to mitigate interior noise levels. Available services include wall and ceiling soundproofing, underlayment and sub-floor panels for floor noise reduction, BeQuiet! Window installation, and many others.

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Professional soundproofing is essential in areas with high noise levels, many homeowners choosing to work with a professional soundproofing expert to install professional acoustic protection systems.

As a leading soundproofing company in Calgary, Hush City Soundproofing offers a complete range of residential, commercial and industrial solutions for clients in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

The company has recently announced an expansion of its residential solutions to provide cutting-edge soundproofing installations for floor, wall, ceiling and window isolation.

Clients benefit from an extensive preliminary analysis of their interior noise levels. Depending on their needs and preferences, the company can install various types of professional soundproofing systems.

For superior wall and ceiling isolation, Hush City offers Green Glue Compound installation. This solution provides ideal low frequency sound isolation and excellent overall noise reduction, while also eliminating the risk of short circuit in resilient channel walls.

Clients can also contact Hush City for window and patio door soundproofing. The company installs BeQuiet windows, fully operation and removable second windows which reduce noise levels without affecting existing windows or doors.

With the recent update, the company continues to diversify its range of professional soundproofing solutions for clients in Calgary and other areas.

A satisfied client said, “We had a great experience dealing with Hush City for a residential job in Vancouver. The soundproofing results between floors were excellent, and communications with the contractor and the Hush City main office always went smoothly. The initial estimate outlined two options that varied in price and effectiveness. We eventually opted for the ‘full’ treatment with safe-and-sound, hat-track, green glue between two layers of drywall, and acoustic sealant. We’re very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Hush City!”

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