Cutting Tech Talk MP3 Files Made Easy With These Simple Steps

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( — November 1, 2018) — Do you need to trim down a tech talk MP3 file? It could be that you want to save an expert MP3 file on software development trends in 2018 for reference. But the problem is you don’t want the introduction part and the conclusion part. Our phones are always running in low storage given the constant photos and videos we keep on recording. Less storage space means, you can only save the main body of the file and not the whole file itself.

But, what to do now? Well, the easiest solution here would be to cut the MP3 file with the help of a video editor software. If you are looking for recommendations, Movavi Video Editor will be a great pick. You can consult for MP3 trimming with the leading program.

Much to your convenience, the post below offers a step by step guideline on how to cut or trim unwanted portions from an MP3 file.

Step 1

Install the software

Your first step is to download and install the video editor program in your system. Make sure beforehand, the software is compatible to your device.

Step 2

Add the MP3 file

Now, you will have to bring the MP3 audio file to the video editor program window. Look for the tab that allows you to add media. Under it, you will find a tab that will enable you to add audio. Click on it and it will take you to the audio file that you wish to edit. The file must be saved in your system for easy access. As you select the file, it will straight go to audio track section of the program window.

Step 3

Trim the file

Now, we have reached the main stage of the process. This is where we will see how to trim the MP3 file with the help of video editor software.

You will find a marker on the software’s timeline. Go for it and take it to the section in your file where you want to make the cut. Look for a ”Split” tab. When you find it, just click on it. The good thing is, with a trusted video editor, you will able to crop a MP3 file anytime and anywhere you want. If you need to remove the whole set of unnecessary parts together quickly- just select all unwanted parts and click on “Delete”. It will remove all unwanted sections from the MP3 file at just one go.

Step 4

Save the cropped file

We have finally reached at the last stage of the file cropping process. After the file has been cropped, you will have to save it. But before saving it, make sure to select the destination folder. The destination folder is the folder where the cropped MP3 file will reach.

Do you want to convert the file in some other audio format? Well, the best video editor program will let you do that as well.