Texas Small Business Facts

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(Newswire.net — November 2, 2018) —

If you’re interested in starting a small business in Texas, you’re not alone. In the last quarter of 

2016, 18,499 establishments hired their first employees. However, 15,395 business closed their doors at the same time. Though the state of small business in Texas may seem volatile, there are plenty of peak opportunities here to draw entrepreneurs’ attention to this state. With proper planning, you may find that the Lone Star State offers all the opportunities you could want for your next venture.

Texas offers a wealth of resources to help support its small businesses. The Governor’s Small Business Resource Provider Workshops connect small businesses with resource providers so entrepreneurs can build strong networks that will support their ongoing growth and long-term success. The Skills for Small Business Program helps finance tuition for small business employees, while the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program assists women and minorities in their business ventures. The state also has Small Business Development Centers located throughout to provide small-business owners with information and other resources.

With so much help available to new small businesses, dedicated entrepreneurs can find nearly all the information they might need to position themselves for the best chance of success with their new business. With no corporate tax, this state also has an enticing climate for business owners who want to launch their new business on a budget. Identify your demographic, pick a prime area, and gather your resources. With smart planning and the right approach, you can become one of the 2.6 million small businesses currently dominating the professional landscape and making up over 99 percent of businesses in this state.