Bedford Hills NY Storage Units for Winter Cleanup Halloween Decoration Announced

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( — November 6, 2018) — Bedford Hills, New York-based storage company Bedford Self Storage has announced available self storage units. It’s time for winter cleaning and self storage is the perfect way to de-clutter and get organized.

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Halloween decorations and other annual use items are better off in a storage unit rather than taking up valuable space at home. The company even offers free pickup services to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for their customers.

Bedford Self Storage has been a go-to local storage facility for over 20 years and offers safe, secure and convenient storage space. The units are private and secured by unique locks that will only be accessible by the unit tenant. The compound is only accessible by the company’s tenants and there are strict security protocols in place to ensure no one else enters the premises.

The company installs efficient lighting to help conserve energy. This is not only good for the environment, but it allows them to offer competitive pricing for their customers by keeping their overhead costs down.

The team works with each customer individually to determine their storage needs by asking a few simple questions. They will need to know what type of items customers are storing, when they need to store it and for how long. These answers will determine the type of lease plan customers will need.

There are different options based on what type of items customers are storing. Climate controlled units are kept in a constant environment with moderated temperatures, eliminating extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations for more delicate items.

Standard units are available for items that are not easily affected by fluctuations. These units are cheaper as they are not climate controlled and are recommended for customers who want to save money and are storing flexible items that do not require climate controlled conditions.

Bedford Self Storage is a trusted self storage company with years of experience providing secure, convenient storage space for the residents of Bedford Hills. Interested customers can find more information at the link above or by calling 914-241-7070.