Online Review Machine Now Offering Progressive Web Apps for Local Businesses

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( — November 3, 2018) — Online Review Machine is the Price Disrupter in the Digital Services Industry and are now offering a new product: Progressive Web Apps.

Many people have not heard of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Many people are also confused by what they have read or heard.

Many people are probably wondering what a Progressive Web Apps are. The purpose of this announcement is to help people have a better understanding of what PWAs are.

PWA’s are websites that use a combination of modern technologies (APIs), best practices and design concepts to deliver a great, ‘app-like’ user experience across all platforms.

Progressive Web Apps bring native app features through the web to all platforms and devices using web standards running in a secure context.

Twitter, being a well recognized mobile first brand gives instant credibility to progressive web apps. If it works for them, at their scale and has a clear advantage over their native apps then it can work for others.

Twitter is not alone. Starbucks, Lyft, Forbes, Trivago and thousands of other well known brands, worldwide are adopting progressive web applications. Each one reporting improved user engagement numbers. More time on site, increased sales and all testify their site speed has improved.

Progressive web app is more a marketing term than a single technology. PWA is a term created by the Google Chrome team to describe websites that meet three key technical criteria and a collection of somewhat arbitrary levels of good user experience implementation.

Scott Powell, co-founder of Online Review Machine said, “20 years ago, all businesses needed a website. In 2018 and beyond, to keep the pace with the new technology, local businesses need their own App.”

The main benefits of Progressive Web apps are:


The goal of online marketing should be to get as many users as a business can, and with progressive web apps, basically a business attracts more people. Web apps are accessible everywhere. And for countries with poor Internet connections, progressive web apps the best option for reaching more users.

Progressive Web Apps are also a better option for startups than mobile native apps. Lots of startups ask for only an iOS app, causing them to lose out on the Android market. Progressive Web Apps allow companies to reach everyone, regardless if they have iOS or Android devices.


Native apps take up a ton of space. A lot of people, even though they would love to use these apps, just don’t have enough space on their phone, so they cannot install them. That’s not a problem with PWAs, which only take what they really need, making them faster to download.


A lot of people are connecting to PWAs, because they know that they can use them even without data or an Internet connection. What’s more, these apps will even work when the server itself is dead. Users are not losing their content. They’re not losing anything, and this is all so much better for conversions.


Not all apps are actually accepted by app stores, which have a lot rules and restrictions when it comes to publishing. There are no restrictions on the web. You are the one who is in charge of the whole web process. Companies can also update your features immediately.

If a company wants to update a mobile app, they need to go through the app store’s review process. It could take days (it used to take weeks). Still, it requires some time, and there is a chance it could be banned or rejected. If there is something really bad in the code that needs to be changed instantly, it can take valuable time to make that correction. Companies can make changes on a PWA on the web anytime. It’s just faster and easier.


Another selling point for PWAs are push notifications. Push notifications allow companies to interact with the app pretty easily and provide a really amazing user experience. Progressive Web Apps now provide this functionality as well. People are getting tired of deleting emails and consequently, they read more push notifications.


The cost of Progressive Web App Development will come somewhere around $3,000 to $9,000 while Native App Development starts around $25,000.

As the Price Disrupter in the Digital Marketing Services Industry, Online Review Machine PWA pricing starts below $2,000 dollars.

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