The Concerns of Too Much or Too Little Uric Acid

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( — November 9, 2018) — Uric acid is exactly what it sounds like, something acidic found in urine and understanding how it affects the body and what it indicates in various concentrations can literally save your life. Just as everything else in the world, uric acid is useful in moderation. It’s a way for the body to expel harmful byproducts created during cell degeneration and digestion of certain types of food. 

“Most of the time, a high uric acid level occurs when your kidneys don’t eliminate uric acid efficiently,” Mayo Clinic. “Things that may cause this slow-down in the removal of uric acid include rich foods, being overweight, having diabetes, taking certain diuretics (sometimes called water pills) and drinking too much alcohol. Other less common causes are a diet high in purine-containing items or your body producing too much uric acid.” 

Additionally, high levels of uric acid could indicate conditions such as gout, metastatic cancer, kidney and liver disease which ought to be nipped in the bud at soonest in the event it is the cause of any issues. And the opposite is also dangerous, drastically low levels of uric acid suggest possible lead poisoning, alcohol abuse and some major adjustments are needed such as to consume a lot more purine rich foods as the body is all about balance. 

“Once purines release uric acid, most of it’s dissolved in the blood and transported to the kidneys, where it’s removed from the body through urination,” “Some uric acid also leaves the body through defecation. When this process is disrupted, however, your body can produce too much or too little uric acid. A uric acid test is often performed to help determine the underlying cause of abnormal uric acid levels.” 

A uric acid test may be conducted at a doctor’s office but there’s no need to book an appointment to ascertain such result these days with the advent of uber accurate and easy to understand at home tests like the HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips for Saliva & Urine. The simple to read results chart quickly provides the data needed. 

With homeostasis constantly in play, it’s crucial to stay alert to internal pH levels because excess or lack of any element can throw the various systems of body out of balance. The HealthyWiser™ pH Health Test Strips for Saliva & Urine is a simple yet invaluable means of keeping tabs on pH levels on a regular basis from the convenience of home. 

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