The AHA Warns Increasing Death Rates in Men Due to Stroke

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( — November 13, 2018) Orlando, FL — The American Heart Association reveals that in 2004, over 58,000 men died due to stroke.

In the United States, around 700,000 individuals suffer from a new or recurrent stroke every year. It has further been found that more than 150,000 of these sufferers diet.

The AHA further reveals that about 5.7 million stroke survivors in the United States are alive today. However, many of them suffer from permanent stroke-related disabilities.

The National Stroke Association reveals the common symptoms of stroke. This includes sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding, sudden numbness of weakness of the face, or sudden trouble seeing in either or both eyes. It may also lead to sudden severe headache with no known cause, dizziness, and loss of coordination or balance.

Health authorities say that stroke can lead to brain damage, which then results in a loss of abilities, including speech, movement and memory.  

Both the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association reveal the leading risks factors for stroke.

This includes high blood pressure, tobacco use, diabetes, arotid or other artery disease, atrial fibrillation or other heart disease, and history of “mini-strokes” known as TIAs.

It may also be due to high red blood cell count, sickle cell anemia, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, and some illegal drugs.

In Epidemiological studies, these are the factors thought to contribute to the onset or recurrence of stroke. Men are also found to be at a higher risk of stroke than women.

Health authorities strongly recommend improving one’s diet, and choose fooods that are loaded with good than bad cholesterol. It is worth mentioning that LDL or bad cholesterol can lead to blood clotting. Foods loaded with cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium are detrimental to the blood and blood vessels.

According to experts, consumption of ginger might help. It is a cardiac tonic that could potentially decrease levels of cholesterol and treat stroke. It even has a great potential to aid in poor circulation and even prevent excessive blood clot. Some other foods include carrots, which also exhibit potential in decreasing stroke risks.

In a study, it has been found that its increased consumption led to fewer stroke risk by 68 percent.

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