Training Golf Mat With In-House Tufting and Quality Fibers Site Launched

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( — November 8, 2018) — A new site has been launched offering top quality, durable and high performance golf mats to help customers improve their golf game. Real Feel Golf Mats offers incredibly durable and long lasting gold mats for customers to use in their daily routine and help improve their golf game, making the site ideal for anybody that loves golf and wants a great professional mat to help with their routine.

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Customers will find that Reel Feel Golf Mats offers high quality, durable golf mats. They are not the same as most of the golf mats that are sold in large retail stores, which usually recycle materials from football fields and artificial turf products in order to create cheaper golf mats.

The problem with these types of mats is that they were not designed to withstand repetitive golf club impact and tend to tear and get ruined within a few weeks, meaning they are expensive as they have to be purchased over and over, especially for keen golfers who practice a lot.

Reel Feel Golf Mats started manufacturing high end, durable commercial driving range golf mats in 2000, utilizing high quality, patented fiber blends combined with in-house tufting technology and heavy duty mono-filamant fibers to create top quality, durable and effective golf mats which could withstand a huge amount of repetitive golf club impact.

The company has now displayed every year at the PGA Marchandise Show, and created and showed The Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats in 2006 at the PGA show in Orlando, FL. At the show, the mat was chosen as the number one product featured in the New Product Pavilion, and was overwhelmingly received by everyone at the show.

The Reel Feel Golf Mats are ideal for anybody that wants to up their golf game. They can withstand three years of heavy use at driving ranges, meaning they will last even longer at home with less use. They can also be placed on any level surface, meaning they are versatile and can be used in most homes.

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