New drainM Website Features Revolutionary Pocket-Sized Golf Training Aid

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( — November 8, 2018) — Wayzata MN: Successful business owner Bill Robinson has officially unveiled his revolutionary new drainM putting training tool with the recent launch of the drainM website. It features a special introductory offer. For a limited time, buy one and get one free.

Robinson is no stranger to launching successful products. He revolutionized the hunting industry with the formulation of Scent Shield, a spray that eliminated human scent. It became the foundation of Robinson Outdoor Products, a multimillion-dollar company acquired by ScentLok.

Robinson thought the sale of the company would give him more time to indulge in his love of golf. But once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. “I started taking lessons to improve my golf game,” says Robinson. “I found that adding a reference point made a huge difference in squaring up the club face to the ball. So, I started to look for a way to create a reference point that I could always carry around with me.”

The search gave birth to drainM. It’s a visual reference tool that trains your eyes and mind to build a strong muscle memory which enables you to square your club face on the sweet spot. After rigorous testing, Robinson is ready to share his transformational training tool with the golf world. The drainM putting training aid is now available for sale, exclusively via the web during its introduction.

Golf pros like John Means will tell you that most putts are missed because the club face is not square. It’s easy to understand why this is the cause of a missed putt, but it’s not easy to correct. “This is one of the best devices I’ve ever seen to teach the sweet spot and face alignment,” Means says. He’s been so impressed that he contributed a video recommendation for the drainM website.

drainM is a welcome training companion for beginners and avid golfers alike. “I enjoy playing golf, but it’s no fun if you can’t hit the ball straight,” says former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer. “drainM has improved my game, and I’m sure it will do the same for you.”

The drainM putting training aid is so intuitive to use that it needs little or no explanation. Why it’s so effective is explained in this 90-second video found on the drainM website. This putting training addresses the five fundamentals that contribute to making more putts:

1. Squaring

2. Sweet Spot

3. Ball Position

4. Body Alignment

5. Swing Gate

“I named it drainM,” explains founder Robinson, “because I guarantee it will help you drain more putts!” drainM works on more than just putting. The versatile training aid can be used to improve swings with your irons and drivers, too.

About drainM: drainM is a pocket-sized training aid that helps you align your body, square your club, and keep your putter’s sweet spot centered on the golf ball. Being off by just one degree will cause you to miss a five-foot putt by half an inch. drainM also helps you gain accuracy with golf drivers and irons. Purchase a drainM training aid for $20 from the product website and get a second one free.